We don’t need a whole lot of preamble on this one folk, it’s time to introduce Infusionsoft’s brand new Analytics feature.

This is not a replacement for your existing dashboard, it’s a new section of the software that offers visual reporting on three key areas of your business.

Email Trends

The new analytics section offers insights and trend analysis for list growth, email engagement, and financial transactions.

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This feature has already been released for some users, but they are rolling it out in phases – so if you don’t see it yet be patient. It should be switched on for everyone soon.

Here’s a video walk-through covering what you can expect from the new Infusionsoft analytics section.

Let me be abundantly clear – I’m really excited about this new feature.

I think it’s already incredibly valuable, but more than that – I’m excited about the progress it represents.

For a good portion of 2019, it felt like Infusionsoft was being neglected, so in contrast, it’s nice to see not just feature enhancements but totally new functionality as well.

So, nice work Infusionsoft product org – kudos. Keep it up.

Speaking of keeping it up…

It’s important to call out that this is the first version of the analytics section. So, while I love the progress it represents, I also acknowledge that there will absolutely be limitations we bump into or aspects of it that we as users wish were more flexible.

For example, right now you have a variety of default reports, but we can’t easily adjust the date ranges or filter by contact tags or other criteria.

If there are enhancements you’d like made or reports you’d like added, they’re already collecting feedback and suggestions to help shape improvements they make to this section moving forward.

Analytics Feedback

So, in summary – I’m pumped.

It’s valuable as it is, and we get to play a role in helping make it even more powerful.

I’d love to hear your thoughts as you start checking out this new feature too.