(Disclaimer in the May 2019 Edit)

One of the big criticisms about Infusionsoft’s new landing page builder is that it wasn’t easy to host these beautiful new pages on your own domain. For some folks, that was as showstopper.

But if you’re a WordPress user, then David Bullock might just be your new favorite person.

He built a plugin for WordPress that makes hosting the new Infusionsoft Landing Pages on your own domain really simple. It’s a slam dunk.

I recorded a short video as I walk through the process of installing the plugin and hosting my first page. Check it out:

And for anyone wondering, this DOES work for hosting the old landing pages on your own domain as well, but it does not allow you to host order forms on your site. 🙁

Download the plugin here:

Update: Sadly, as of May 2019 the original developer of this plugin can no longer continue to support it. See this post for their recommendations on a possible workaround.