This post is about integrating Divi and Keap.

Divi is a theme for WordPress websites.

Keap (formerly known as Infusionsoft) is a CRM and marketing automation platform (obvi).

The ability to easily capture leads on your website and reliably add them to your database is paramount; and for Divi users I recently discovered that there is a way to do this without needing any third party tools.

(Update: Apparently I’m a liiiiiittle late to the game and this feature has been available since Sept 2017. Oops.)

First, you select the “Email Optin” Module:

You’ll set up the settings for that module, like the opt-in description, the call-to-action button, and design the look and feel.

If this is your first time using this feature you’ll want to connect it to your Keap Account(s).

Then you choose Keap (or Infusionsoft) from the list of 20 different email service providers, and select which tag you’d like it to apply to contacts who submit this form (the tag is important because it’s how you’ll segment these contacts, or trigger automation).

That’s pretty much it.

Once you’ve got it connected to your Keap account you can drop these opt-in forms all over your web site.

Check it out:

It’s worth noting that this opt-in doesn’t have much flexibility in terms of what information you collect. Your options are First Name, Last Name, and Email address.

But for simple lead capture this will work just fine.

Edit: So, apparently you can add custom fields to your opt-in forms this way. For some reason this feature appears to only be available using the visual editor; so I didn’t notice it at first.

Big thanks to Ben for bringing this to my attention in the comments below!

Direct connections like this are important because it reduces your/my/our dependency on integrations.

Integrations are inevitable, but the more you have the complicated it can be to keep them all current; and the more risk you have that things will break when one of them updates and suddenly doesn’t play so nicely with the others.

Not only does it make it easier to maintain, but it also simplifies troubleshooting as well.

I know there are an infinite number of themes out there to choose from, but if you (or your clients) use Divi, I wanted to make sure you knew about the methods for integrating Divi and Keap.