Keap’s landing pages have actually come a long ways, and if you haven’t used them recently, they’re worth another look.

They’re mobile responsive now, and just generally easier to use.

However, they’re still not as full-featured as we need sometimes. So, plenty of people, myself included, decide to use a third party tool to build their landing pages.

There are a number tools out there for this purpose, and you should do some research and choose the one you’re most comfortable with, but for me, I use LeadPages.

Sometimes I get questions from people as to why I use LeadPages, and after a little reflection I realized that the real reason is because I’ve always used it. (And, like most people, I’m resistant to change.)

Or, rather, the effort of changing outweighs the perceived benefits of changing. Sound familiar?

The reality is that I don’t love the process of building landing pages with LeadPages. I think their builder has some quirks still, but despite those, I’ve been really pleased with the types of Landing Pages, Confirmation Pages and Thank You Pages I’ve been able to create.

Here are a few examples (and conveniently, some are lead captures of mine…):

Nature of Nurture Ebook (Landing Page, Drag and Drop Builder, Monkeypod Lead Capture)
The One Conversation Mini Course (Landing Page, Drag and Drop Builder, with a Keap form embedded)
Generic Thank You Page (Thank You Page, Standard Builder)

At any rate, many of you know that I support a community as part of The OG Membership, The Monkeypod Grove.

Well, about a third of my members are Keap Partners, or Virtual Assistants, or folks who generally help other people with Keap, and earlier this week I had a member ask about the process of integrating Infusionsoft with LeadPages.

I did a few searches and most of the resources I found for her were horribly outdated, so I decided to record my own.

I thought I’d share the video here for anyone interested in using LeadPages, or just academically curious about how they integrate. Enjoy:

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