It’s no secret that I love Infusionsoft.

And while I do believe that Infusionsoft is the most powerful small business marketing automation tool on the planet, I also, like most of us, always have a list of things that I wish it would do differently, or better.

I love Infusionsoft, of course, but I wanted to share a list of my current frustrations for a few reasons.

  1. My hope is that it will help raise awareness of some issues, and help you avoid them before they become problems for you.
  2. If you’re frustrated with Infusionsoft, I want you to know that you’re not alone. Yes, I love Infusionsoft. But by my count, I’ve raised 70 support tickets with Infusionsoft since I left in May of 2015. It’s not perfect.
  3. My goal is to model a transparent and productive way to highlight concerns, issues, and feature requests with the hope that it may help Infusionsoft address them.
Caveat: I don’t work for Infusionsoft anymore, and they may not endorse this as productive, but it should be said that I have already, directly or indirectly, communicated every item on this list to employees at IS.

Dear Infusionsoft, thanks for all you do. But also, please…

1. Give us an “Any Time” option for timers.

SOLVED: Infusionsoft addressed this in the August 2017 update. Thank you!

This, to me, feels like a really easy win for Infusionsoft. Right now if I want to set a delay of a few hours or minutes, I need to also choose a time or time range. If I don’t care what time it happens, and I just want to let it run after X hours, then I have to configure “Between 12:00 am and 11:45 pm”, which is just plain clumsy.

2. Give us conditional snippets in emails.

SOLVED: Released in Q1 2020. (read more)

This one is a little more of an ask, but I’d really love the ability to add a snippet to the email builder, and then choose conditions under which that content appears. This would give us as marketers the ability to send one message, but include different call-to-actions for different segments of our audience.

3. Add an HTML snippet to the new builder.

SOLVED: Infusionsoft addressed this in the November 2017 update. Thank you!

This one is straightforward. Please bring back the ability to add an HTML block to our emails. This was available with the legacy builder, and the functionality hasn’t yet been added to the new email builder. If it’s easier, I’d also accept more widgets that simulate the some of the common reasons for needing an HTML snippet (e.g. Adding a tracking pixel, embedding a table, coding untracked links, etc).
HTML Snippet, Please

4. Stop clearing out my search results when I leave that page. Preserve them (like it used to) for when I return.

SOLVED: Infusionsoft addressed this in an October 2018 update. Thank you!

Again, I’m not asking for anything new on this one, I just want the old functionality back. Up until a few months ago my search results would stick around until I clicked “Start Over”. Sometimes that’s not a big deal, but if you’re having to rerun the same search multiple times because the system keeps dumping your criteria, then it can cost you time, and increases the opportunity for human error.

5. Let us adjust the width of our columns in emails.
The ability to easily have two and three columns is one of the best features about the new email builder. But the problem is that it always splits your columns into 1:1 or 1:1:1 ratios. It’s be nice to be able to manually adjust the width for each snippet to form our own custom layouts.
Column Adjustments

6. Let me use campaign merge fields on web forms and landing pages.

SOLVED: Infusionsoft addressed this in an update since this article was originally posted. Thank you!

I’ll be honest, I have no idea what it would take to make this real, but it feels like it should be possible. To be clear – I’m not asking to be able to use contact merge fields, but rather I want to be able to use campaign merge fields. Here’s why: Let’s say I’m hosting an event, and I have a series of emails promoting the event, and I’m driving my prospects to a landing page so they can RSVP. Well, I’m likely going to use Campaign Merge Fields to save myself time in building the campaign. That way if I need to update the date, I can just change it in one location and it updates the whole campaign. It’d be great if that updated my landing page in addition to the emails.

7. When I use a merge field in a subject line, don’t push it to the end of the subject line.
This is probably the most minor annoyance on this list, but for some reason any merge fields you are adding to your subject line get pushed to the end of the subject line, then you need to copy and paste them to where they go, or just learn to add them as you write.

8. Let me add tags to a category when I create them from within the email builder.

SOLVED: Infusionsoft addressed this in an update since this article was originally posted. Thank you!

When I create a tag in the campaign builder, on a goal or in a sequence, it prompts me to categorize that tag as I go. But, if I create a tag from within the email builder (on a link or a button), it does not prompt me to categorize that tag. Tag categories are important, and usually more important than new users realize, so emphasizing best practices as users are creating tags can save a lot of headache down the road.

9. Allow, or prompt even, us to categorize our campaigns as we name them. (The way you can with tags.)

SOLVED: Infusionsoft addressed this in an update since this article was originally posted. Thank you!

The campaign builder was introduced roughly 5 years ago, and since then, I’ve been telling people “Don’t worry. They’ll build in folders, or categories, at some point. It’s logical. Just be patient.” And boom, I’m thrilled we’ve finally got them. But it shouldn’t be so laborious to categorize my campaigns. If this is going to be a best practice, it makes sense to me that we’d be prompted to categorize our campaigns as we create them. Something like this:
Add campaigns WITH categories

10. When I go from a list back to the campaign, don’t default to the edit tab, return me back to the reporting tab.

SOLVED: Infusionsoft addressed this in an update since this article was originally posted. Thank you!

This one drives me nuts. You’re working along, checking up on your campaigns and running reports, let’s say you’re several layers deep looking for the group of contacts who have received an email in the last 30 days, and then you click into the report, and when you click “back to campaign” you’re defaulted all back out to the edit tab of the campaign. Just take me back to the reporting tab, like it used to do, pleeeeeease.

11. Give me an option to dismiss this, and not be prompted again.

SOLVED: Infusionsoft addressed this in a November 2018 update. Thank you!

I love that tag goals can retroactively find contacts who would have been added to this campaign, and that you can choose whether or not you want to add them. So, well done, and thanks for that. But, it gets a little annoying for the campaign builder to ask me every single time I publish. Seems like maybe it’d work to give me a “dismiss” option so that it doesn’t ask again? Like so:
Add Contacts Prompt


Okay, as I said previously, this isn’t a comprehensive list. It’s just a few things off the top of my head that feel like they’re worth addressing. I love Infusionsoft, and I have a number of friends who work directly on making product improvements; so I hope this blog post is received in the constructive manner in which it was intended. Don’t worry, once they’ve tackled this list I’ll be doing my best to prep another one!

For anyone wondering, I used Loom for the brief video recordings in this post. Loom is a Chrome plugin, it’s free, and it’s great. I recommend downloading some sort of free screen capture tool, it makes it easier to communicate with technical support if you’re able to document bugs or issues as you see them.

If any of these jump out at you as being important, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below! Or, if you want to share your own list, I’d love to hear that too! Thanks for reading.