In the very near future Infusionsoft will be releasing their January 2016 update, and along with it a handful of features that I’m pretty excited about. Now, some of these are small, but for those of us who use Infusionsoft all day long, these can be massive time savers. I wanted to take just a few minutes to preview the four biggest changes associated with this release, and why these updates matter to you.

Update #1: Cloning Order Forms
What it does: You’ll be able to clone order forms you’ve created with the click of a button.
Why it matters: Previously, each time you created an order form you had to start from scratch. Now you’ll be able to quickly and easily duplicate order forms. This will save you the time of copying and pasting HTML from one form to another, configuring products and labels, or recreating thank you pages. I know, this probably should have been included from the get-go, but it’s here now.

Clone Order Form

Update #2: Set an Opportunity Name
What it does: You’ll now be able to set a static value as an Opportunity name when it’s generated in the campaign builder.
Why it matters: Previously, the opportunity would be generated but would default to the company name. Now, you can designate where or why the opportunity was created, or for which product, which will dramatically help with opportunity searching, reporting and management.

Opportunity Title

Update #3: Copy and Delete Campaign Items
What it does: Well, you can easily copy and delete campaign items, individually or en masse.
Why it matters: Yes, you’ve been able to do both of those things before, but not like this. Copying things was tricky – it took multiple clicks, and you have to have the order just right; in fact, some people didn’t even know you could do it. And deleting things has only been available for individual items. Now, you can easily duplicate groups of items, or, highlight and delete multiple icons. Caution: This could burn you if you delete more than you intend to.

Duplicate or Delete

Update #4: Add to Sequence/Remove from Sequence
What it does: From the contact record, you can easily add contacts to, or remove them from, sequences without needing to achieve a goal.
Why it matters: Yes, you could do this previously with the actions drop down menu, but now you can interact with contacts right from the campaigns tab on the contact record. To be able to see what campaign sequences they’re currently in, add them to new ones, or remove them from unnecessary ones; this will make our lives so much easier. Note: This is only for interacting with individual contacts. If you need to do this for a group, you’ll still use this method.

Add or Remove from Sequence

All in all, this update isn’t groundbreaking, but it is really nice. All of these updates will make things incrementally easier on a day-to-day basis. I’d love to hear which of these update you’re most excited about below!