Updated: February 2023

If you’ve used Keap for a while, odds are you’ve noticed that there are multiple email builders in different sections of the software.

Keap is actively working to consolidate that (one email builder to rule them all, etc), but for the time being you might have as many as three email builders inside of your advanced automations alone.

three keap email builders

In the above image, the email builder marked as ‘A’ is the newest one – first released in Q4 of 2021 and currently being rolled out in stages to Keap users.

The email builder marked as ‘B’ is old trusty – that’s the builder we’ve grown to know and love and have had for the last decade or so (here’s a demo of that one pulled from the CB Trilogy course).

And ‘C’, is the actual legacy builder, who’s roots predate the campaign builder itself (newer Keap users may not see this one at all).

So, in summary – A is the builder of the future. B is the one you’ve likely been using. And C is only still around to yell at people to stay off his lawn or whatever.

Why a new builder?

The obvious question is ‘why are we adding another builder’, and it’s a good one – I’ve asked it myself.

The answer is this: They’re standardizing the builder experience throughout Keap.

The reason we’re seeing this new builder roll out is because over time this will be the builder experience we see for landing pages and emails throughout all versions of Keap.

Right now we may feel some turbulence, but in the long run I think the idea of having a streamlined builder tool that is consistent between different types of assets (landing pages and emails) and versions of Keap (pro, max, max classic) is wise.

In the meantime, here’s a quick demo of both builders and some key ways they differ:

A few things worth noting, first – they are actively rolling this out.

If you don’t have access to this email builder yet, stay tuned – it’s likely on it’s way.

The next thing to note is that they’re actively making improvements to this – so it’s entirely possible that by the time you see this video they may have added some of the features I called out as missing, or improved some of the things I felt were clunky.

For example, at the time it was rolled out the “to” options were Work, Personal, and Other; which didn’t make a whole lot of sense for Max Classic users who don’t see those designations.

email to options

But, that’s one of the improvements they’ve made since originally rolling this out.

Now, Max Classic users can select Email 1, Email 2, and Email 3 (or other) as they always have.

updated to send options

Here’s a post from Keap’s product team with more details about the plans for adding features and functionality.

And finally, my understanding is that they have no plans to remove the existing email builder – so this new one should only be an upgrade for those who want to start using it.

2/23 Update: This builder is the default for Keap Pro and Max and is now being rolled out to Max Classic (also known as Keap Ultimate) applications in phases.

Okay – enough from me, I’d love to hear what you all think. Do you have the new builder yet? Have you tried it out?