The pipeline inside Keap is a powerful tool for tracking any process. The most common use case for Keap’s pipeline is for tracking deals or opportunities in your sales process.

Generally speaking, you’d create an opportunity once a lead has expressed interest, and then you or your sales team would advance that opportunity through a set of stages as those prospects turn into customers. Here’s an overview of the pipeline for anyone who wants a refresher.

And most of the time we want this process to be manual – because we want to move the deal once we’ve interacted with them, and are ready to begin the next part of the process.

But not always.

Can I move stages automatically?

There are times where you might want to automatically advance an opportunity between stages, and yes, you can do it automatically.

So, if a prospects signs some paperwork you might move them out of the ‘signing’ stage and into the ‘closing’ stage.

Or, if they pay a quote you sent them, you might want to automatically move them from ‘quoting’ to ‘won’.

And inside Keap Ultimate (formerly called Max Classic, and before that Infusionsoft), you can move a opportunity automatically as a step inside your sequences in the campaign builder.

move a deal automatically gif

So, if you’re a Keap Ultimate user, then you’re all set. This will give you what you need.

But what about Keap Pro and Max?

In Pro and Max things work a little differently right now.

For starters, Opportunities are called “Deals” – the concept is the same, but the terminology is a little different.

And at this point there isn’t a step in Advanced Automations to automatically move a deal between stages, but it is still possible.

Here’s the workaround:

Okay, so – let’s summarize.

Ultimate (previously Max Classic) lets you move opportunities automatically as a step in the campaign builder.

Pro and Max will let you move Deals as a step in the Easy Automations builder.

So, regardless of which version of Keap you have, you should have a solution that works for you.

If you’d like to learn more about using Keap’s pipeline features check out these free courses in the Keap Academy platform.