Last week was the Let’s Grow Summit and the vibes were great. I attended some great sessions, caught up with some old friends, got to meet a few Monkeypod members in person, and somehow left feeling both exhausted and motivated.

Clate Speaking from Stage

Keap announced a number of exciting updates and improvements to the software, but they also revealed a change that is of particular importance to the Max Classic community (as a reminder, Max Classic is the edition of Keap formerly known as Infusionsoft).

Introducing…Keap Ultimate

What is Keap Ultimate you might ask?

It’s the version we’ve previously known as Max Classic, and before that Infusionsoft.

Simply put – it’s Keap’s most robust edition; and the changes they announced last week can be boiled down into three categories.

Aesthetic changes, functional changes, and a rebrand.

I recorded a quick video to summarize the changes:

Okay, so – let’s summarize.

Max Classic will now be called Keap Ultimate.

Soon you’ll be seeing a toggle that allows you to switch over and try out the Keap Ultimate interface.

Keap Ultimate Toggle

And perhaps most importantly, this change represents massive potential on the infrastructure side of things that will allow Keap’s engineering team to bring new features to Keap Ultimate more easier, reduce the amount of duplicative work they’re doing, and innovate more rapidly.

All in all, I’m excited about this. I’m also excited about the other updates Keap announced, but I’ll have to do a separate post on those.