Buckle up friends – this one is technically pretty advanced, and extremely powerful.

Odds are you’ve heard of Zapier, right?

It’s a ‘no code’ tool that lets you connect Keap to other tools, so you can move information around, start and stop automation, etc.

And inside Zapier, the Keap integration has a handful of options, (applying a tag, creating an order, updating a contact, etc):

Zapier Keap Options

But – you might notice that list isn’t exhaustive.

Despite how poweful Zapier is, there are plenty of things it can’t do (creating a tag, moving an opportunity, creating an affiliate, etc).

So, if you need to do something that wasn’t part of the Zapier integration – you’d have to hire a developer to custom code it, right?

Until now…

Paul Sokol, the campaign builder mad scientist, has devised a way to make direct API calls with Zapier.

This effectively means that anything you can do through the API, you can now do with Zapier.


In this particular example Paul is updating an Opportunity inside Keap – but since Keap’s API is fairly flexible, this same approach could be used in any number of ways.

If you found this demo helpful, give Paul a shout out in the Keap User Group or here on Twitter.