Head ShotThis is now the third post in the Lifecycle Marketing Perspectives series, the first one is right here if you’d like to catch up.

But here’s the gist of it, Lifecycle Marketing is invaluable, and every small business should map out and implement a Lifecycle Marketing strategy. At least, that’s how I feel about it.

As a consultant and trainer during my time at Infusionsoft, I noticed there was a trend among the most successful small businesses I worked with, nearly every time they had a crystal clear Lifecycle Marketing strategy, and more often than not, we were using automation to execute it.

Today I’ve got some insights from Kevin Mogavero. Kevin, who is a fellow entrepreneur and Infusionsoft Partner, was a colleague of mine at Infusionsoft and is an absolute small business rockstar; and was kind enough to answer a few quick questions about LCM and Small Business.


GJ: Can you briefly explain why lifecycle marketing matters to small businesses?

KM: It’s a great tool to deliberately think about what you need to do in every step of your customer’s lifecycle in your business.  Everyone business has to go though each of those steps, and anyone of them (whether you refer to the 3 step model or the 7 step model) is a place that you can really differentiate themselves.  Most people don’t ever stop and really think of these business processes in these individual steps, they just kind of mush it all together in their heads.  Putting it down on paper and thinking about each individual step makes things flow a lot smoother

GJ: What is the hardest part about lifecycle marketing?

KM: What I’ve found to be the hardest part for most people is creating content for every part.  Most people are pretty strong one area, but weak in another, so they either leave it out all together or they leave lots of room for improvement.

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GJ: What do most people misunderstand about lifecycle marketing?

KM: What do they misunderstand? I think that Lifecycle Marketing isn’t something you “do” it’s something that is always happening.  Customers/Prospects are always going through the steps of the lifecycle, whether the business has something set up at each stage or not.  If there is nothing set up at any given step, opportunities are being lost.

If I could choose a second thing, it’d be that doesn’t work well unless you know who your audience is.  If your perfect customer definition includes the word “Anyone who…” then Lifecycle marketing probably isn’t working for you as well as it could be.

GJ: Talk about the relationship between Lifecycle Marketing and Infusionsoft (the company or the software):

KM: Once the business does its part in identifying its target market and driving traffic, infusionsoft is designed to bring people though the rest of the customer lifecycle in the easiest way invented for small business.  It’s not perfect, and it does take time to learn, but you won’t find another system that is more complete and easier to use, guaranteed.

GJ: Why are you an expert on Lifecycle Marketing?

KM: I’ve worked hundreds of businesses through the Lifecycle Marketing model.  My job is to make using the Lifecycle Marketing tool, easy for the business.  Each business and each user has their own peculiarities.  For example, some just don’t get the concept of Note Templates, or just refuse to use them.  Although in certain cases, note templates note templates might be the “best” tool to use for a process, if the user just doesn’t like it, and routinely forgets to use it, then it’s not really the “best” tool for the job for that user.  So, I find what the user will do, and set it up that way.  My goal is to make it easy for you, not to make you an infusionsoft expert.


If you’d like to connect with Kevin directly, feel free to use the info below, or leave a comment:

Name: Kevin Mogavero
Company: KRM Development
Website: KRMTrainingPlus.com
LinkedIn: Kevin Mogavero

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