Update: In June 2020 Keap released a new feature that offers an additional option for moving your contacts between campaigns. Check out the new feature here.

Okay, so, you know it’s important to get clear on the specific journey you are creating for your customers, right?

And you know it’s important to use Keap’s campaign builder to design campaigns that support your customer journey. Right?

(Remember – Keap is the company that used to be called Infusionsoft.)

Which begs the question – where does one campaign stop and another begin?

My philosophy, and the one Mike Harris wrote about here, is to trend toward smaller more bite-sized campaigns.

Find the natural inflection points in their journey – those are usually good spots to break one unwieldy campaign into two more manageable ones.

Great – but…

How do I link Keap campaigns together?

Technically speaking – the answer is goals.

You remember goals, right? They’re the triggers that are used to start and stop campaigns (need a refresher?).

So to link two campaigns together, you would configure identical goals at the end of one campaign, and at the beginning of another.

Simple – right? If they achieve the goal then it will stop the first campaign – and automatically transition them to the second.

That’s all well and good if your contacts always do the thing you want them to do, but it starts to fall apart if they don’t take the action we wanted them to take.

And that is the most important part of this concept: People don’t always do what we want them to do.

Heck, sometimes they don’t even do what they say they want to do.

But if we know that, then we can plan for it. We can use automation to create a contingency plan.

This is important people – this is how you prevent leads from slipping between the cracks.

Ya see, the cracks only exist in the first place because we designed our automation based off of what we want our contact to do.

So for those people, the ones who do what we wanted – it’s seamless.

The goal is to create a cohesive customer experience that spans the entire journey.

(Here’s a case study on what that might look like.)

And with a little extra planning we can accommodate for anyone who veers off trail, does things out of order, or takes a longer than we expected.

Remember, your campaigns exist as segments of a broader comprehensive experience – like the transformers team up to form Voltron, your campaigns team up to form the customer journey.

And if you’d like more training on the campaign builder, check out the Advanced Automations Complete Collection from Keap Academy.