Paul Sokol, Data Scientist, Infusionsoft

Paul Sokol, Data Scientist, Infusionsoft

Today I have the third recommendation(see part 1 and part 2 here) from my good friend Paul Sokol. He’s known on the streets as Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder Mad Scientist, and also happens to be one of the finest marketing minds I know. So, ya know, listen up:

Campaign Builder Mad Scientist’s Favorite Free Campaigns

Favorite Campaign #3: Sales Pipeline Starter Kit
-Paul Sokol, Data Scientist, Infusionsoft

There are certain versions of Infusionsoft that come with a pipeline module known as Opportunities. In my opinion, Opportunities are the most powerful part of Infusionsoft because nowhere else does it so eloquently combine CRM, automation and eCommerce. Seriously, when executed properly one sales rep could do the work of an entire team.

And that’s why this is my third favorite campaign.

Opportunities are one of the most misunderstood and misused parts of the software. The campaign is designed to not only get you the proper structure in place for a meaningful sales pipeline, but is also contains training on how to properly setup a sales rep’s dashboard and how to properly work an Opportunity record.

If you have a sales team (or YOU are the lone sales rep), I strongly recommend installing this campaign and taking the time to go through all the setup tutorials. If you remove all distractions (turn off phone, email, Facebook, etc.) you can most likely get through everything in under an hour, but the ROI from that focused time will be massive.

Let me share a story about how powerful Opportunities can be. Back in the day, I used to be a success coach (which is where I met Greg in the first place). One of my clients was Steve Schwartz, who sells electric dog fences. You know the type, a wireless dog sokolpost3_2collar and if the dog crosses a buried wire they receive a light shock.

Anyway, when I first met Steve, it was just him and one other sales guy trying to get clients. Being in the northeast, his business was understandably seasonal. People want to get fences installed in the summer and not in the winter during all the snow.

Notice how I said “understandably seasonal”. That doesn’t mean the market itself is ACTUALLY seasonal.

And that is what Steve discovered upon fully adopting Opportunities into his sales process. Not only has his sales been improving, because of how he managed his sales pipeline, the winter is no longer a “slow season” for him and he can generate business year round.Sokolpost3_1

To learn more about the Sales Pipeline Starter Kit, go here:

I could go on for days pontificating about which campaigns you should be using in your business, but this is a great start. If you implement all three of these, you’ll get massively organized, grow your sales and above all save time. Plus, you’ll be able to provide a customer experience that large corporations could only dream of.


So go for it! Implement these and run circles around the competition 🙂