Paul Sokol, Data Scientist, Infusionsoft

Paul Sokol, Data Scientist, Infusionsoft

Paul Sokol, my friend and Infusionsoft’s Campaign Builder Mad Scientist knows the free campaigns in the Marketplace better than anyone on the planet. Earlier this week he shared his first campaign recommendation, and today we get another. Let’s Party.

Campaign Builder Mad Scientist’s Favorite Free Campaigns

Favorite Campaign #2: Track Email Engagement
-Paul Sokol, Data Scientist, Infusionsoft

There are a lot of “gurus” out there that say “the money is in the list”. In other words, the larger your list, the more money you should make.

I personally disagree because it is leaving out a critical piece. Rather, I would say the money is in the RELATIONSHIP with the list. Think about it, would you prefer to have a list of 1 million people that never open or click, or a list of 100 rabid fans that are foaming at the mouth for each and every email you send.

I know which list I’d want.

This is why my second favorite campaign is Track Email Engagement. Similar to the Hard Bounce Recovery(mentioned in part Method - Link Clickone), this is another “set it and forget it” kind of campaign. The idea is simple: Anytime someone clicks on a link you deem meaningful, it starts a tag-based engagement timer. They immediately get tagged as Hot, then after 30 days it gets switched for Warm and then in 30 more days it gets switched for Cold. The next time they click on a link, the whole process resets.

This allows you easily see how engaged your list is with your emails which provides great insight into how much value you are actually providing for people. In addition to this, since it is tag based, you can use that to route different interactions in other campaigns OR target certain promotions.

flamesThink about it: if you want to offer some type of discount or promotion, you can only target people with a Hot tag because you KNOW they are interacting with your emails.

Or, if you really want to get super fancy, you can use these tags in decision nodes within other campaigns to route to different messaging depending on their level of engagement.

The only thing to be aware of is that you’ll want to apply the Timer Start tag for each of the meaningful links in your emails. However, this is a very easy habit to get into and hopefully you see the value in doing it.

There is one other really valuable lesson in this campaign. It is possible to do looping/repeating structures in the campaign builder. This campaign provides a wonderful example of how to do this safely and reliably 🙂sokolpost2_1

To learn more about the Track Email Engagement campaign, go here:


Check out my third recommendation here! Oh, and feel free to let me know if you have any questions about this, or success stories from the first campaign I recommended!