Let’s see – how do I put this diplomatically?

Keap’s web forms are….basic. (Jump straight to the fix?)

They let people opt-in for stuff, they work with Keap’s leadsource tracking and affiliate tracking, but outside of that they don’t have much going for them.

I’m about as much of a Keap fanboy as you’ll find, but the truth is they pale in comparison to the landscape of modern and responsive builders available across the digital marketplace today.

It’s for that reason that most Keap users either don’t use them at all, or only rely on them as a last resort.

(Just as a reminder, Keap is the platform that was formerly known as Infusionsoft.)

Yet given all their shortcomings, and my pronounced criticism of the forms I was still using them in two places on my website – my blog opt-in, and my referral partner application form.



The reason I say “was” is because just recently I learned about a tool that PlusThis offers called Modern Forms.

What does it do you might ask? Simple – it makes your forms modern.

It makes them look good, and quickly too.

Here’s another before and after shot.



The design changes are relatively subtle, I get that – but the fields are easier to use, and most importantly the forms are responsive.

So, if you’re already a PlusThis user then a) good on ya, and b) this tasty little feature is ready for use like – today.

Here’s a ten minute walk-through where I update two forms, totally miss a batch of settings, reach out for help, get the help, and finalize the forms.

That’s it. Now go make Xzibit proud and pimp your forms.

And if you’re not yet a PlusThis user, you can get started here.

How does it work?

This feature works pretty much as advertised.

  1. You select your form.
  2. You choose from their prebuilt “styles”.
  3. Modify if/as needed.
  4. Copy the embed code.
  5. Add it to your website.

Yeah, I know, it’d be great if Keap just made their form builder better – but until then, this tool from PlusThis is gonna be my go-to fix.

Reminder: You can do me a solid if you use my PlusThis referral link.


exit intent forms in keap

What else does PlusThis do?

Good question. Tons of stuff.

I also use it for video tracking so i can release bonus content in my courses at the exact right moment, but here’s a comprehensive list of their features.

If you dig this stuff, and want to see the other tools that have earned my trust then help yourself to my Tools Ebook.