The experience someone has when they’re on your checkout page is crucial.

If someone decides not to purchase then they’re likely going to close the tab for the sales page, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re gone forever.

You can use a tactic known as an ‘exit intent’ pop-up form to capture leads who might have otherwise vanished.

exit intent forms in keap

I’ve been a long timer user (and fan) of the Modern Forms feature from PlusThis.

Originally it was just a tuxedo for Keap web forms – but then they added the ability to put the web form in a pop-up window behind a button, and then just a few weeks ago they added the exit intent functionality.

PlusThis Screenshot img

Now, I’ve never really sought out Exit Intent forms for my business – because I think it’s easy for them to annoy the website visitor.

But there are definitely use cases where they make a lot of sense – one logical scenario is offering someone a free trial of a course if they start to leave the checkout page they’re on.

Here’s a demo of what this might look like:

If you already have PlusThis, then have a look at this feature, and see if there are opportunities in your business where it could be useful.

But if you don’t yet have PlusThis, it might be time – check out the pricing and tiers here, or take it for a test drive with a free trial.

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