Have you ever had an experience where you walked away knowing you just tasted something world class?

An interaction with someone that was so overwhelmingly positive that you sought out multiple ways to write them a review?

Maybe you went back just to make a note of their name so you could tell someone else about it?

These are the types of experiences that have an impact on us, and under the right circumstances, they can actually change us.

In February of 2014 I was fortunate enough to visit Maui as part of Infusionsoft’s President’s Club (a reward trip for high-performing employees).

During this trip Sara and I had outstanding meals at a number of restaurants ranging from the sketchy burrito food truck in the beach parking lot at Makena State Park beach, to the hundred dollar brunch buffet at the Andaz hotel.


We were on Maui for a little less than a week, and each day was packed with highlights (touristy ones, to be clear).  We went whale watching, hit up a luau, and we spent a breathtaking day exploring waterfalls and beaches on the road to Hana.

To make a long story short, I’d recommend a lot of things from that trip.

But as incredible as each day was, only one of those experiences changed my life.

In Wailea, there is a restaurant called The Monkeypod Kitchen.

And apparently this restaurant has the recipe for greatness.

I know how silly it sounds to say that eating at a restaurant changed my life (we went four different times), but the reality is that a little over a year later I named my company after this place.

The Monkeypod Kitchen gets it.

When I say they get it, I mean they really get it.

Every single detail has been thought out. Every element of the dining experience is intentional.  Their menu is carefully crafted to not only feature high-quality, delicious meals, but also to be socially conscious and to support local communities. Their beer and wine selections are extensive, their welcoming and relaxed ambiance is infectious and their dessert menu, specifically the various pies, is absurd.

The Monkeypod Kitchen raised the standard for what I had grown to expect from a good restaurant.

I’ll wrap this up with 4 take-away points:

1. Is the customer experience you’re creating intentional? Who has spent time and energy crafting it?
2. Monkeypod Marketing is committed to exceeding your expectations the way The Monkeypod Kitchen exceeded mine.
3. Make a mental(or literal) note the next time you experience something world class. Bottle that inspiration.
4. If you’re ever fortunate enough to find yourself in Hawaii, make time to visit The Monkeypod Kitchen. Save room for pie.