As you may have gathered from the first post, Infusionsoft seems to have a renewed focus on improving the product, and they were committed at PartnerCon to demonstrating this in a meaningful way.

Lemme get back to outlining the upcoming features that I’m most excited about, and why they matter to you.

Note: It’s worth mentioning that some of these features were really raw when they were discussed/demoed, and depending on how QA goes they’ll likely be sprinkled throughout the next few releases; but look to Infusionsoft for formal release notifications.

Feature: Copy and Delete Campaign Items
Why it matters: Yes, you’ve been able to copy and delete campaign builder elements for quite some time now, but it’s always been clunky. The click-steps to cloning campaign elements were not intuitive, and they even varied slightly between Apple and PC users – well, not anymore. Now you’ll be able to select a campaign item(s), and right click, and select between Copy and Delete. This is a huge win and will make building campaigns a much easier process.

Delete All

Feature: Stop a Campaign Sequence
Why it matters: Let’s say you need to remove someone from a campaign – without having them achieve a goal. This process can be a bit of a challenge, the current process isn’t exactly straightforward. And if you simply cancel the upcoming steps on their contact record, it actually fast-forwards them into the next process, instead of removing them altogether. It can be a mess. But they’re fixing it. Now there will be a Sequences section on the Campaigns tab on the contact record, and in the interactive list view. This tab will allow you to easily see all the sequences in which someone is active, and from that panel you’ll be able to extract someone from one or multiple sequences. Bing, bang, boom.

Feature: New fields accessible through the API
Why it matters: Effectively the API is a way to push information into or pull information out of Infusionsoft. At least, that’s my rudimentary understanding of it. Well, the way it works is that certain pieces of information are accessible, and other types of info aren’t. And as you may gather, as more information becomes available through the API, the number of things that you can do with that info grows accordingly. Infusionsoft announced they’ll be making a batch of new fields accessible through the API.

Here are the new fields: Read only permissions for Email Status, RESTHooks for Orders, RESTHooks for Tag Add/Update/Delete, Open Up Social Fields on the Contact Record, Create Custom Fields for Integrations.

I wrote these down in a hurry, so it’s entirely possible that I missed one, or wrote something down incorrectly. Full disclosure: I don’t do any work with the API. But for those who do, I’m told this is very exciting.

Feature: Opportunities in My Day
Why it matters: When My Day was released, it was really exciting. It was designed to be this centralized page to help Infusionsoft users decide what they had on their plate for the day, and how to best approach it. But there was one major component missing – opportunities didn’t make the cut. If you were an Infusionsoft user who leveraged Opportunities it effectively made My Day useless, because a good portion of the information you needed wasn’t there, and so you ended up building a custom dashboard from scratch just like before. But not anymore. They’re bringing opportunities to My Day (Dec 2015).


Feature: New Email Builder
Why it matters: If you’ve had Infusionsoft for any amount of time, then you’ve probably experienced a hiccup or ten while using the email builder. I love the drag and drop functionality, and I think it’s pretty easy to use; but I also acknowledge that there are some nuances. And sometimes there are bugs, a word misused so frequently that I generally stay away from it at all costs. Well, they’ve completely rebuilt the email design experience, and it’s much cleaner. Yes, the new emails will be mobile responsive. Yes, the new builder is sexier, and will include templates that you can use as a starting point. Yes, you’ll be able to easily link out to all of your various social channels. And yes, you’ll be able to edit, crop and add filters to images you upload right then and there. Did you hear me? You’ll be able to add filters and text directly to your images as you upload them? WHAT?! Anyway. I’ve been using some version of the new email builder for a little while now, and it’s definitely a massive step in the right direction.


Well, that’s about it for the things I can share. Rest assured, the product is heading in a direction that I think we’ll all be really pleased with. And I feel like we can all breathe a little more easily with the fact that Infusionsoft has formally recommitted to demonstrating their dedication to their product, partners and customers.

Personally, I have a ton of respect for the tough choices they’re going to have to make, or have already made, in order to continue to grow and expand in the ways that they need to in order to serve the small business community.