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Resources and tips for using PlusThis

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This page has a collection of resources designed to help you earn an ROI from PlusThis.
Here’s a webinar where Brian Keith and I talk specifically about how we use PlusThis in our businesses.

If you haven’t yet…

If you’re not yet using PlusThis you can start your free trial here, or book a 30-minute strategy call to get clear on how you’ll use it:

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If you haven’t yet, get started with a PlusThis 30-day free trial:

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Book a free consult with Brian to ask whatever questions you might have:

Brian’s PlusThis Book

As you may know, Brian Keith wrote the book on PlusThis, appropriately titled “20 Easy Ways to Make Money with PlusThis”.

It’s free. It’s good. And it’s all yours.

More ways to use PlusThis

The key to using PlusThis is figuring out what your business needs and prioritizing that. Once you’ve made it to the break even point you get to start asking “What else could it do…” and that’s where the fun really starts.

I think my favorite feature is Modern Forms, but Video Tracking is a close second. Here are a few resources that might give you ideas for new ways you could be using PlusThis.

Video Triggers

One-Click Upsells

Modern Forms

Time Between Events

Campaigns of the Titans [Ebook]

If you like rich and detailed marketing case studies, then download your copy of Campaigns of the Titans to see how Monkeypod, and dozens of other experts, make money with PlusThis.

Campaigns of the Titans is a popular resource that PlusThis has compiled the last few years. It is literally one of the most valuable eBooks I’ve ever seen assembled.

Effectively it’s a showcase of the campaigns and strategies that various marketers use to grow their businesses – and they all feature PlusThis in some capacity.

My campaign contribution: