Reassigning Keap Purchases. Gifting purchases in Keap. How to let one person buy something for someone else.

I struggled with the name of this blog post.

We’re talking about how one contact can make a purchase, but assign the access to someone else.

There are plenty of scenarios where you might want this, but it is particularly useful if you have someone buying tickets for another team member, or gifting access to course content, etc.

I’ve seen this question come up time and time again and recently when it was asked in the OG group, Jake Talbert (the legend from Sixth Division) took the time to record a walkthrough of two ways he’s solved this challenge in the past.

PlusThis Method

In the video, Jake covers two methods for handling this type of need – the first using the Contact Creator tool from PlusThis. This one lets you capture the information into custom fields, and then use that data to create a separate contact and trigger the corresponding automation

PlusThis Contact Creator

As a bonus, it also includes an option for linking the contacts as well.

Zapier Method

And the second method Jake demonstrated uses Zapier – similarly, the info is all collected, but the Zapier recipe uses distinct steps to create unique contacts for the different individuals.

If you’re interested in connecting with Jake, or learning more about SixthDivision – check them out here.

And as a final note, I’ll also give a shout out to Mark Penney, a friend of mine and Keap Certified Partner – I hired him to help me solve this issue a few years back, and he designed a custom code-based process that lets users buy licenses to a course and then assign the access out to others.

If you want to hear more about Mark’s solution, drop him a line here.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to drop any questions in the comments below.

Informed Marketing Solutions

Here’s another method for solving this, from Jillian Kendrick over at Informed Marketing Solutions:

If you’d like to get the access exchange code Jillian describes in the video you can sign up here.

PlusThis Contact Creator

BOGO Method from Box Out

Our friends over at Box Out Marketing did some training on the Buy One Gift One method. You can check out their approach here.