We’re going to talk about Keap sequence settings, but first – let me be clear:

Keap’s campaign builder is, in my opinion, the most powerful marketing tool on the planet. Period.

At it’s most basic, it’s a tool for building automation into your processes.

But the more time you spend with the campaign builder, you’ll find that there are exceptions to many of the rules you thought you knew.

These exceptions have led to frustrated users (and empty wine bottles) on more than a handful of occasions.

If you’ve ever wished the campaign builder would stop surprising you, then let me take a moment to cordially invite you to check out the Advanced Automations Complete Collection – available for free on the Keap Academy platform.

Okay, the purpose of this post is to talk about a hidden little Keap sequence setting that many users may not even know exists.

The “Runs Until Completed” sequence setting.

You know how normally your sequence has a little blue flag in the lower left hand corner, right?

That blue flag means that if someone is in that sequence, and they fill out the web form to achieve Goal A, that they will immediately STOP that sequence.

That’s the default.

But you CAN change that setting – simply click on the little blue flag, and you’ll open up the sequence settings window.

So, if you switch that setting to “Runs Til Completed”, then you’ll notice that the blue flag indicator is replaced by a green arrow indicator, meaning that this all the steps in this sequence will continue to process, EVEN if the contact achieves Goal A.

Why does this matter?

Great question.

I’ve been working with Keap for a while now, and honestly, I always thought this setting was kind of pointless.

If the point of a sequence is to run automation, to get people to take a specific action – then it seems pretty logical that once they take that action, you’d want to stop the things that got them there.

When someone registers for a webinar, you don’t want to keep reminding them to register, right?

And when someone buys something, you don’t want to keep emailing them links to the sales page?

I’ll answer that for you – you don’t.

So literally the only example I was able to give for why this feature even existed, was for scenarios like a “10 Tips Sequence”, where you’d promised to deliver something over a period of time, and you need to fulfill your commitment, EVEN if the person takes an action and achieves a goal that would have otherwise removed them from that sequence.

Until now.

Just the other day I was cruising around building a campaign for my All Access Pass, and I hit a snag – and after puzzling on it briefly I realized that the “Runs til Completed” scenario would PERFECTLY solve the hitch I was up against.

Check it out:

Now, I get it, there are certainly other ways to restructure the campaign which could have achieved the same result – but since this was a eye-opener for me, I figured it may be useful to tuck in your toolbelt too.

If you have any questions about this Infusionsoft sequence setting, or have found your own use cases for it, please share in the comments below.