Keap (formerly known as Infusionsoft) sends emails in primarily two ways – broadcasts, and campaigns. Campaigns are their own thing, they’re powerful, robust, and they can completely revolutionize the way you do business.

If you haven’t wrapped your head around the campaign builder yet, you’re missing out on some really powerful opportunities. Stop what you’re doing and check out this Campaign Builder 101 blog post you won’t regret it.

But broadcasts have their benefits too. They’re quick and easy.

If inspiration strikes, and you want to reach out to your peoples, then the last thing you need is a dozen extra steps between you and lovin’ up on your audience.

But broadcasts have one major drawback, and from time to time I see it catch people off guard. (Okay, they might have more than one drawback, but this one is definitely the biggest.)

When you schedule a broadcast, you are scheduling it to the group of people who meet the criteria at the TIME you schedule it. Not at the time it sends.

Say what?

Yeah, so let’s say you have 670 blog subscribers, right?

And you want to send out a message to those people.

So you hop into Keap all confident like, and you compose a poetic masterpiece that your blog subscribers are gonna share the shiz out of (natch).

But it’s Sunday at 1:00 pm, and Monday’s a holiday, so you don’t want that email to go out until Tuesday at 8:00 am or so. That’s a perfectly normal request, right?

And broadcasts allow you to schedule for a date in the future, so that’s no problem. Right?


You see, if you schedule an email on SUNDAY to go out on TUESDAY, then the people who sign up in between will not get that email.

When you schedule a broadcast it pulls the list of recipients at the time you schedule it. And it locks it down. Static. Stuck. No beuno.

You can see why that might be a problem, right?

Once in a while us entrepreneurs get all motivated like and we line our ducks up and want to schedule three or four emails for the next few weeks – but the problem with broadcasts is anyone new who signs up in that window (between scheduling and sending) won’t get the new hotness.

So, what do we do?

Well, the fix is simple, lemme show ya: