In the footer of every email we send through Keap there is, by default, a global unsubscribe link.

This is generally good, because it let’s contacts unsubscribe when their needs change and they decide they no longer want to hear from us.

Unsubscribe Footer

If someone unsubscribes it changes their email status globally.

But what happens if someone just wants to stop getting emails from one specific sequence?

Or just one campaign? Or one topic?

The reality is the native unsubscribe option just doesn’t have that type of nuance.

Which actually was the origin story for the single sequence opt out blog post I wrote back in 2016.

The answer is to build your own links that can function as a short-term unsubscribe – to opt them out of a single sequence or campaign.

Unsubscribe Footer2

The trick is to have the link click achieve a goal directly, or apply a tag which achieves a goal.

Single Sequence Unsubscribe Campaign

Things have evolved a bit over the years, and actually, PlusThis has introduced a solution to this as well.

But I figured it was time to dust off this old tactic and give it the glow up it deserves.


Simply put – this approach affords your subscribers more control.

This lets them opt-out of a single sequencing of emails – or out of a single campaign, without unsubscribing entirely.

This is good for a few reasons – it means your messages are only going to people who want them, which is good for engagement, and in turn can help with deliverability.

But the second reason this is good is because it helps you learn about your audience, and the things that they are interested in – which in turn can help you improve your segmentation, and craft new offers.

And as always, if you want more campaign builder training I recommend the CB Trilogy course – now available free of charge to all Keap users.

PlusThis Solution

If you have PlusThis, then you’ll be pleased to hear they have an Email Subscription Manager tool that handles this situation a little differently.

Their feature lets your recipients manage the types of content they receive.

Here’s their blog post about it.

And if you don’t yet have PlusThis, you can take it for a test drive with a free trial here >>