We had a good question pop up in the private Monkeypod community the other day. Marjorie asked “How can I automatically notify my social channels when we publish a new podcast recording to our website?”

And the solution we designed is a ‘springboard’ that uses Google Forms to capture information, and then Zapier to distribute it across the various social channels (multiple times, if you want).

This process requires a manual trigger, but then automation takes over and posts for you to whichever pages/feeds you have designated, as many times as you like

There are a handful of ways you could further customize this process, if you needed additional flexibility.

For example, you could add additional fields to the intake form and then use those to customize the post that goes with the URL you’re sharing (the name of the podcast guest, or host, or subject, etc).

Or, if you wanted to mix up the timing of the repeat posts you could use Zapier’s formatter step to randomly generate a number that you then use as the delay – that way it’s not the exact same formula and cadence each time.

If you adopt this, or a version of it, for your business please let me know how it goes. Good luck.

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