Me: Are you really going to interview yourself?
Greg: Yup, we’re doing this, let’s go.
Me: Okay, but don’t you wanna at least explain what you’re doing so people don’t think you’re weird?
Greg: Nah, they’ll figure it out. Plus, I’m excited.

Me: Okay then, you’re the boss. Tell me about the IS Starter Kit.
Greg: It’s my latest course, and it’s freaking awesome. I’m really excited.
Me: Yeah, obviously. What’s the course about?
Greg: Well, it’s an Infusionsoft course. It’s 40 modules long, and it jumps around quite a bit. The easiest way I can describe it is “It’s all the things you didn’t know you needed to know.”
Me: That sounds appealing, which was probably the goal.
Greg: Yeah, I wanted this course to be a good fit for most people.
Smart. Why did you create this course?
Greg: I created this course because I realized that a lot of people just start using Infusionsoft, and they learn things the hard way. Then, the hard way just sort of becomes their status quo. I can’t count the number of times that an entrepreneur has said to me “I wish I had known that at the beginning”. But the reality is that your introduction to Infusionsoft is rapid, and can be overwhelming.  This course is designed to answer 40 questions that most people skip over when they’re just getting going.
Me: Are you going to tell us what the 40 modules are? Or just keep bragging about them?
Greg: I don’t think listing 40 questions is the best use of this interview. But if anyone is curious, they can download the course agenda here.

Me: Isn’t there a risk that people will already be able to answer some of the questions?
Greg: That’s not a risk, that is a fact. There are 40 modules, and some (or most) will probably be review.
Me: What? Are you sure people will want that?
Greg: Well, that’s the whole reason this course is so inexpensive. I don’t think it’s groundbreaking. I don’t think this course is revolutionary. It’s just really solid information. And if you’re going to build something that lasts, the foundation matters. I think that Infusionsoft gets easier every time you log in. And each time you answer a question or understand a new feature, it makes the software that much more approachable, and that much less intimidating.

Me: All I heard was inexpensive…
Greg: Yeah, The course is $57 dollars (though my members are insisting that I need to raise that), and there’s a massive launch discount as well. I wanted this course to be a no-brainer for people.
Me: Is $57 really a no-brainer?
Greg: Well, I think about it this way: There are 40 modules. You don’t need 40 groundbreaking new concepts. You only need one answer, or one new feature that saves you time or earns you money; and I get 40 tries. I like those odds, in fact, I like to think that it’ll probably happen more than a few times. Plus, it’s going to get better and more valuable over time.

Me: What do you mean it’s going to get better?
Greg: Oh, right. Well, this course is going to evolve. As people give me feedback and make requests, I’m going to record and add new modules to it overtime.
Me: Cool. I like that. Will those cost extra?
Greg: Nah, as long as the course is unlocked they’ll get access to any new modules I add.

Me: So, this course is for new Infusionsoft users?
Greg: Definitely. But here’s the deal, it’s for anyone who feels like they’d benefit from understanding Infusionsoft better. Or for a team member who you desperately want, or need, to hand the reins to. Yeah, ideally we’d all learn these things as we’re just getting started – but that’s not the reality. Often times when you’re starting with Infusionsoft you’re sprinting to get something done, and you don’t take the time to really look around, or to get familiar with all the different settings and features.

This course surfaces the things you didn’t even know you needed to know. And knowing them now, whether from the beginning or retrospectively, is going to make your business and your sales and marketing more effective, more efficient, and give you more confidence and freedom to be able to do what you need and want to be doing.
Me: So, it’s for new users, but also for users who aren’t new? Isn’t that cheating?
Greg: Yeah, maybe. It’s also great for people who manage Infusionsoft for other businesses.
Me: How so?
Greg: Well, think about this – Let’s say you use Infusionsoft for your own business, and you’re really good at it. Well, maybe you’re using 50% of the software. So, you get really comfortable with that 50% of the application. But if a client of yours needs something you don’t use, then you’ve gotta figure it out.
Me: How does this course solve tha-
Greg: Haha, I was getting to that. This course isn’t built for any one specific business – it’s built to answer some of the most common questions, AND to shine a light on some of the less commonly used features. If everyone understands exactly what Infusionsoft does, and how it works, then they can make an informed decision as to how they’re going to use it.
Me: Killer. So, it’s kind of for everyone.
Greg: Exactly

Me: No one is that altruistic. What do you get out of this?
Greg: I get the opportunity to teach. I love this stuff.
Me: ….
Greg: ….and if they like learning from me, and think it’s valuable, maybe it’ll open the door for my other courses, or my membership.
Me: That makes more sense.

Me: Alright, so, how do people get started.
Greg: Well, people can buy it here – but honestly, I’d really recommend checking out the free trial. That way everyone can get a sample of the content, and they can make sure you’re not allergic to my voice or something.
Me: How long do they have to make up their mind?
Greg: The course isn’t going anywhere, in fact, it’s just going to imrpove. But the launch discount expires on August 26th, and 12:00 pm Eastern US Time.

Me: Think anyone is still reading this?
Greg: I dunno, hopefully they’re halfway done with the course by now.
Me: Do you think this was awkward to read?
Greg: Probably. But it was even more awkward to write…
Me: Good point. What are the best and worst case scenarios for someone who reads this whole post?
Greg: Geez. Worst case? They hated it, think I’m an ass, and I miss out on an opportunity to help them get more out of Infusionsoft. Best case would be they grab the content, love it, and then tell me that this blog post was the most brilliant sales copy they’ve ever read.

Me: Okay, anything else you want me to ask you?
Greg: Nah. I’m just excited about this course and looking forward to hearing how it makes a real and meaningful difference. Because I believe it will.