Subscriptions inherently introduce stability and predictability to a business.

But along with that elongated customer relationship they also present their own set of challenges.

Subscription Management Tactics

A common question from people is “How can I let me subscribers upgrade (or downgrade) their subscription?”

Another one is “If a member cancels, how can I remove their access at the end of their billing cycle?”

This one is important because if a member has paid, we don’t want to prematurely revoke their access.

Both of these scenarios can be difficult to solve – but years ago I did a mastermind call with Keap showcasing a native solution that might just give you what you need.

If you want to take things to the next level, there are third party tools that can be really helpful here.

I have used PlusThis to help calculate the duration a member stuck around, which can be great for reporting.

You can also use a members area to let your subscribers manage their subscription, update their credit card, or initiate the upgrade or downgrade process. There are a variety of tools that help with this, but AccessAlly is the one I use (here’s why).

Hope you found the tactics outlined in this post helpful – thanks for reading.