A few months ago I posted a little story about how a thrift store Tea Kettle had blown my mind.

You can see the whole post below, or here, but I’ll give you a quick recap: Sara and I were at a thrift store, and I saw a tea kettle for a few bucks – and bought it.

We make coffee or tea nearly every morning – and we’d been boiling the water in a pot (like heathens, apparently), and I figured it was time we owned a proper kettle.

Immediately the kettle revealed itself as a good decision.

I had figured that the noise it makes when the water starts to boil would be useful, and it was, but what surprised me was that the water actually boiled faster too.

So, in addition to the convenience of knowing exactly when the water boils from anywhere in the house, now you’re telling me that we go from zero to caffeine that much faster? Here, take my money.

I wrote the Facebook post because it was a good reminder that using the RIGHT tool for the job makes a big difference.

And clearly I had found the right tool, right?

Oh how wrong I was – and the internet, being the cruel and unforgiving place that it is, wasted no time letting me know.

Some people were perfectly pleasant about it:

And some were a little more “direct”, haha:

But their points were very valid! I had upgraded my equipment, and my process, but still didn’t mean I was as efficient as I could have been.

An electric tea kettle is safer, less wasteful, and even faster.

And I think that’s the real lesson here – just because you’re better than you used to be, doesn’t mean you should pat yourself on the back and take the rest of the day off.

I had basically gone from a covered wagon to a Model T and then bragged about it on the internet.

But, hey, I learned my lesson. I ordered myself a proper electric tea kettle (it should be here tomorrow).

Here’s your take away: Keep getting better.

Incremental improvements are fine, but don’t get complacent.

That goes for marketing automation and household appliances alike.

I find it takes a bit of discipline to go back over the things that are working, and actively look for ways to improve them – but I think that’s how you get ahead.

I’m excited for my new electric tea kettle – but I’m also gonna keep an eye out for whatever the next evolution in tea kettle technology may bring.