If you haven’t already received it, you’ll get the July Infusionsoft update in the very near future.  There is a long list of fixes, features and enhancements being pushed out this month, and I wanted to take a quick moment to review a few of the new functions. (Oh, and as advertised, got a sneak peek of future features below)

Categorizing Tags from the Campaign Builder-
I don’t know if you guys remember, but when the campaign builder was first released, there was some serious functionality missing. For example, you couldn’t create tags from within the campaign builder. If you were building a campaign you’d have to back all the way out and navigate to CRM settings in order to create a new tag. Well, soon thereafter they gave us the ability to create tags on the fly and all was well…except, you couldn’t select a category. So, we ended up with heaps of tags floundering about, wandering the streets and wreaking havoc.  Well, NO MORE!  Now, we can not only create tags from within the campaign builder, but we can also categorize them. Hooray for keeping our database clean and organized!

Filter by Tag on the Tag Applications Report-Tag Applications
The Tag Applications report has always been a little neglected. It has left a wake in its past littered with disappointed users who wanted to see how many people got a specific tag during a date range in the past, only to find that this report showed you all tags applied during that date range. And that sorting the list by tag name and finding the group manually was scarcely worth the effort.  Well buckle up sports fans because now you can choose a specific tag and a set of calendar dates and you’re off to the races. This slightly overdue ability to search makes this report infinitely more usable, and, minimizes the need for some of the other hack/work-around reporting we’ve seen people using.


Mark Radio Options as Required- RadioOptions
Before this release, if you wanted to mark a radio button as required, you had to really get creative. You could pre-select one of the  options, but then you risked having bad data if they didn’t notice and just skipped the question. You could add an additional option for “N/A” and preselect that, but then what do you do with people who choose that option? Or, you could create a custom field, choose radio as the type, and then mark the custom field as required.  Well, those work-arounds are suddenly unemployed, now you have the ability to toggle a radio snippet to force an answer before they’re allowed to submit. Boom.

There are a few others that are exciting, like the quick ability to grab your shopping cart link, or having access to opportunities from the interactive list view of contacts, but those will impact fewer users simply because they’re more niche parts of the software.

Overall, a really solid release, with some quick and simple wins that will save Infusionsoft users a fair amount of time.  It’s worth saying thank you to not only the product and development teams that worked on this, but also to the teams that helped identify and prioritize the things that made it into this release. I like what I’m seeing, keep it coming!

What functionality are you most excited about? Let me know in the comments below.

Oh, and here’s the sneak peek at some features slated for a future release: