I’ve seen some buzz lately about an email Leadpages sent out announcing a change in the way they integrate with Keap, formerly known as Infusionsoft. (What’s Leadpages?)

This announcement naturally prompted a few questions, so I started doing some research. Questions and answers below:

What is the change?

Leadpages is changing how they Integrate with Keap, or, in their words, Keap is changing how they integrate.

Regardless, they’re switching from a form based integration to a tag based integration.

So, previously you’d build a LeadPage or a LeadBox and then choose one of your Keap forms to link it to; now you’ll build your LeadPage or LeadBox and then choose an Keap tag (or 10) that will be applied when this form is submitted. (Complete details here.)

Does this affect me?

Yeah, maybe. It definitely affects me.

Basically it affects anyone who is using Leadpages to connect to Keap, and has built Drag and Drop Landing Pages, or LeadBoxes with their drag and drop editor.

From what I can tell, this does NOT affect pages or LeadBoxes built using their standard builder.

Direct Quote from Conor on the Leadpages team: “While this change does not immediately impact Standard Leadpages, Standard Leadboxes, Leaddigits, or Leadlinks… it may eventually. As Infusionsoft’s API continues to change and evolve, our tag-based integration will be the most reliable way to connect—so our official recommendation is to set up any new forms in our Drag & Drop builder (whether that’s for Leadpages or Leadboxes) and use the tag-based system.”


Do I have to do anything?

Again, probably.

If you have forms that are affected by this change you’ll want to decide what to do with them by November 30th.

My understanding is that you can either switch them to the new tag based integration (which basically means they’d be applying a tag in Keap instead of achieving a web form goal), or, if you were using the Drag and Drop LeadBoxes, you can switch them to a Standard LeadBox.

Here’s a video that talks you through all of this, let me know if you have any questions, or if I overlooked something:

Note: This method of using Standard LeadBoxes with the drag and drop builder has been working for me lately, but it’s possibly that at some point Leadpages or Keap will stop supporting this style of integration as well.

At some point I’m going to switch to using the  Keap Landing Page Builder entirely (see a demo here), but I don’t see that happening any time soon.

It’s come a long ways, but Leadpages is still a ways ahead in terms of feature-to-feature functionality.