I don’t know how it happened but it’s April already, and April as you likely know, is also SuccessCon-Eve-Month.

Yup, that’s a totally real and not-at-all made up thing.

SuccessCon is next month, May 8-10th to be specific. I’m pumped and you should be too.

(Just in case you’re not registered yet here’s my link to snag your tickets.)

Get out your pen and paper sports fans, I’m gonna give you the cheat code to making this years conference as impactful as possible. Ready? Let’s do this.

Set Flexible Goals

It’s important to set goals – you should totally define what you want to come away with. You should absolutely circle sessions that you are interested in, and hear speakers you’re excited about.

But, I’d also encourage you to intentionally choose a session that stretches you a bit, or delivered by someone you haven’t heard before.

My advice is to yes, bring your own priorities, but to leave some wiggle room in there so the conference can surprise you too.

Prioritize People

At a conference like this you’re surrounded by people, but it’s still pretty easy to avoid eye contact, to slip between the sessions and fly under the radar.

(I mean, who hasn’t done the ole “pretend to be on my phone” move…)

Conferences can be emotionally exhausting, but SuccessCon is literally the biggest gathering of Infusionsoft users you’ll find, the more you open yourself up to the other attendees the more likely you are to have a conversation where it sparks an idea that improves some aspect of your business.

Challenge: Set a goal for yourself to connect with one attendee, one partner, one sponsor, one speaker, and one volunteer. Make a little checklist if you need to and try to check off all five.

Protect Your Schedule

I know how hard it can be to step away for even a few hours, let alone a few days – but set the expectation, for your clients or your team, that you’ll be unplugged throughout the conference – and try to stick to that.

The reason I say that is because if people know they can reach you, they will.

I also know that having your evenings clear gives you a chance to decompress from the day, review your notes and ideas, or have a leisurely three-hour dinner and one too many glasses of wine.

Oh, and speaking of scheduling – put some time on your calendar for after you get home so you can review your action list, and make a plan for executing the priorities. Or heck, book an extra day to hang in San Diego and get some work done while the ideas (and fish tacos) are freshest.

Alright, before I wrap this listicle up I wanna highlight a few breakout speakers who are on my “don’t miss” list. The truth is that the SuccessCon line-up is really strong, and I have a ton of friends speaking at SuccessCon, so apologies in advance to anyone I don’t mention:

Brett Farr (Day 1, 3:00 pm)
Topic: How to Collect Powerful Testimonials on Autopilot Using Infusionsoft
Brett is a long time friend of mine, an automation artisan, and is quietly one of the most capable Infusionsoft Partners on the planet. I predict this session will be practical, and brilliant – just like Brett.

Justin MacDonald (Day 2, 7:00 am)

Topic: How to create a Predictable Business that is Systematic, Automatic, and Scalable without Stumbling Through the Maze of Strategies, Tactics, and Tech
Justin is a unicorn. He’s the type of person who men want to be and women also want to be. His super power is distilling profound business lessons into digestible tweet-sized quotes, though you wouldn’t know it by this session title.

Samantha Bennett (Day 2, 4:00 pm)
Topic: The Secrets of Highly Creative People: An Unusual Guide to Extraordinary Success
I honestly can’t see Sam’s face in my Facebook feed without feeling good. If you’ve ever struggled the find the balance between chasing your next idea and implementing the one you just caught, then Sam is about to be your new best friend.

Oof, that was savage.

I chose three breakouts that I feel will be slam dunks, but I barely scratched the surface, I mean, I didn’t even list Brad Martineau, Dobbin Buck, OR Daniel Bussius.

These titans are true power players – like, if there were marketer trading cards I’d be pawning off my snack-pack faster than Billy Madison could say “stop looking at me swan”.

Oh, and if you wanna get after something specific the niche sessions are gangbusters too – are you looking to get into the messenger bot game, boom, Sarah Watz has ya covered.

Are you a consultant looking to make that push into a full-blown agency? Hang out with my girl Crystelle on day one.

I’ve gotta cut myself off or I’ll wind up just reciting the whole conference schedule.

Anyway, grab your ticket here and I’ll see you at SuccessCon.

Oh yeah, there are workshops too…

If you’re the type of person who likes to leave with a little momentum on top of your notebook full of ideas, then stick around for the implementation workshops on the afternoon of Day 3.

I’ll be hosting one of three workshops, along with my more alliterative conterparts Micah Mitchell and Marcus Murphy.

My workshop is a guided campaign build-along (like a sing-along, but more productive for your business). This workshop will be targeted at beginners, but perfect for folks who just wants a refresher, or anyone who just wants to hang out with me.

Joining? See ya there.

Not joining? Book it in, or…I dunno, commence fomo?

Isn't there a contest of some sort?

Yup, the Ultimate Marketer of the Year contest – and it’s sponsored by the OG homie Jordan Hatch and Fullstack Marketing. The goal is to highlight companies who are using automation to create meaningful results in their businesses, and in their lives.

In my experience it’s not just about revenue, it’s about growth, and impact, and creativity – so if you’re proud of what you’ve done, look for it on the website and consider applying.

Wait, where is SuccessCon?

San Diego. Aka, The Whale’s, er, nevermind. Just San Diego.

More specifically, it’s at The San Diego Hilton Resort & Spa at Mission Bay. Check out the deets on the SuccessCon website.