A while back I wrote a post about how most people think about email permission the wrong way, and they see it as a barrier, instead of as a tool that they can leverage. I made the recommendation that you could start gathering interest as your audience expresses it by clicking links, or opting in for certain things.  Well, today I want to take it one step further, and make our lives even easier.

Let’s Build an Infusionsoft Email Preferences Center.

You can design a pretty accurate customer profile based on what you infer about your customers from their behavior; but, you’ll get a much better picture if you just let the customer tell you what they want.  Right now, if a customer receives an email from you that they don’t love, and they decide they want less of that particular type of email, their options are to reply to the email, and tell you. Or, they can unsubscribe. And honestly, most people will simply unsubscribe (Wouldn’t you?).

People unsubscribe for lots of reasons. 54% because the emails came too frequently.

And unsubscribing in Infusionsoft means that they are considered opted-out across the board.  So they won’t receive any more emails like that one, but it also means they won’t receive any other automated emails from your system at all. It’s an all or nothing kind of thing.

So, you can see how this might present some problems. What if your prospect decided they don’t want your newsletters any longer, but they do want your promotions. Or, they don’t want your products, but they do want to know about your services.  There are countless scenarios where someone might want some communication, but not all, and there’s no native way to let your subscribers manage their preferences.

But wait, I said “no native way”.

Fortunately, the solution is pretty easy. You simply build a webform, or landing page, and create your own email preferences center, and allow your customers to manage what type of communication they receive.

Then you add the link to the footer of your emails so that they see the option of opting out, and the option of adjusting their preferences.

I built one for my own business, and I decided to record the process so that if you’d like, you can follow along.

Also, I need to give a shout out to Paul Sokol, he did a training on this a few years back which was the inspiration behind implementing this for my own business.

Enjoy! And if you have questions about anything in this process please let me know in the comments below! Oh, and please note that the landing page builder has changed since this video was initially recorded, but the process and concept will still be nearly identical with the new tool.

Update: I’ve recorded a new video outlining the steps to build an Infusionsoft Email Preferences Center with the new landing page builder.