So, a few years ago I published a blog post demonstrating how you could build an email preferences center in less than 16 minutes (read the post), and two years later the concept here is still the same – but the tools have changed a little bit.

Just to be clear – I’m talking about setting up a preferences portal that allows your Keap subscribers to manage their own email preferences

This tactic is a total win:win – it allows contacts to select which types of communication are most important to them, so they’re not seeing stuff from you that they don’t care about; and it helps ensure that you’re only sending them emails they actually want, which will encourage engagement, and help improve deliverability.

Anyway, it’s easy, it’s a good idea, and it doesn’t require any fancy third-party tools or ninja customization  – the thing to “gotcha” for this process is that while this allows your subscribers to automatically tag and un-tag themselves, removing a tag doesn’t automatically stop automation – so, it’s still our responsibility to respect the preferences that our subscribers express.

The demo above is built using Keap Max Classic (which was called Infusionsoft at the time), but this same approach would work for Max, Pro, or any version of Keap with landing pages.

Note: You may have noticed that I’m using tag goals to trigger the follow-up processes, instead of just using a decision diamond to put contacts in the right sequence – if you’re wondering why, it’s because the new landing page builder options aren’t available yet for decision diamonds.
So, instead, we’re raising tags on the different selections, and then using the tags to trigger goals and launch the automation. It’s an extra step, but it achieves the same result.