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This course covers everything you need to know to start selling online today. The course modules break down the entire Keap ecommerce section into digestible pieces so you can follow along with confidence and launch a product today.

This Course Includes

A series of progressive modules to walk you through each and every section of the Keap sales section ensuring that you not only are able to implement it, but also that you feel confident using it when you need to.

If you’re ready to launch, this is the fastest way.

This course is a series of modules covering all the features and settings in detail – and in an easy to follow progression. By the end of the course you’ll have covered:

  • Setting up products and subscriptions
  • The various checkout methods
  • Post purchase-fulfillment
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Pretty much every single setting under the Ecommerce section. For real.

Omgosh! We sell a lot of high ticket stuff via the phone so we run the cc order straight into our account (or we’ll get a deposit check at a live event and bank wire for the rest of the payment) and I’ve been asking different VAs how we can do it manually through Infusionsoft so we can have ALL our sales in the reporting, etc. “I don’t know” is the answer I kept getting. Just got the answer in your ecommerce pod training. Thank You! Super awesome training and now I don’t have to ask anyone anymore and will have exactly what I want! AND our info and reporting will be all together. You rock! You can use that as a testimonial anywhere you want. Your training is super clear and logical. So happy we got it!

Maritza Parra

Happy Entrepreneur,

Grant Pasay
Persuasive Copywriter,

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is primarily for three different types of people:

1. If you’re new to Keap and you want to set up the Ecommerce section and start selling.

2. If you’ve been using Keap for a while, or you inherited an application, and you want to really grasp what has been done and what can be improved.

3. If you’re a virtual assistant or Keap partner and you want to level up so you can bring more value to your customers.

Can I try it for free?

Funny you should ask that – this course was paid, but thanks to a partnership with Keap, it’s now available for free.

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Any prerequisites?

You don’t need to have any prior knowledge of Keap for this course. We’ll start from scratch and show you how to set everything up. However, this course will go a lot more smoothly if you’ve got a product built out and ready to sell.

I have been an educator for over 25 years and have been building online courses since the early 2000's. I've also taken quite a number of Infusionsoft courses, and I can say without a doubt that I have gotten more out of Greg's trainings at Monkeypod in just a few weeks than any other I have taken. A great teacher is one who can give the most important information but also deliver in a clear and effective manner. All the training materials are oriented to give immediate application without extraneous add-on. If you really want to learn how to work with Infusionsoft, take these trainings and follow the clear steps Greg has outlined and you will definitely reap the benefits.

Whitney Lowe

Director, Academy of Clinical Massage

What people are saying…

The way Greg works through the different parts of Infusionsoft has been like no other. Easier to understand, follow and utilize in real time. I have been using the program for a year now, but it wasn’t until I started working with Monkeypod that I truly felt more confident in my abilities to take it to the next level. Campaigns are made easier to build with his video tutorials, so you can actually pause, build, pause, build until you get it. FYI- There is no better way to learn the ins and outs of the Ecommerce section than through the Monkeypod Ecommerce Pod.

Kelly Kralles

Project Manager, EC Pathways

He is brilliant at distilling the difficult into manageable understandable pieces. His presentation style is suburb and he’s so entertaining you’ll forget you’re actually learning really serious stuff. With his Monkeypod courses and membership he’s broken out to serve an even larger community seeking answers to Infusionsoft questions. You can’t go wrong with anything Greg produces.

Ramona Nichols

Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, Geek Gal Friday

Greg is the best Infusionsoft instructor I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is able to connect with his audience and break down concepts into easily digestible segments for them to learn. Greg is also a ton of fun and I can’t think of a better person to spend time with when trying to learn Infusionsoft.

Todd Meyer

Product Manager, Aha!

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