The IS Starter Kit

This basic training course is perfect for anyone who is just starting with the Max Classic version of Keap, or just starting to take it more seriously. Oh, and it’s free.

About this course:

I built this virtual course to answer all the questions you didn’t know you needed to ask.

I’ve worked with too many smart people who felt dumb because Keap just wasn’t clicking for them, and for many it was because they never got a solid foundation of understanding when they started.

This course will answer some of the most common questions, and shine a light on some of the less commonly used features; so that you feel confident putting Keap to work. Check out the full agenda here.

If foundational training on the Max Classic version of Keap sounds like what you need, sign up here to get started right away. And good news – this course is free.

Using Keap Pro? If you’re looking for training on the Pro version of Keap, rather than Max Classic, then this is the course you’ll want >>

Updated Content

This course, the IS Starter Kit, has been re-recorded and the updated version is now available in the Keap Academy platform, check it out here.

The Keap Academy platform is a free resource for all Keap users.

Greg is an awesome resource for all things Keap, Infusionsoft, and marketing. As an IS beginner, I completed his Starter Kit, which was extremely valuable. It established a necessary foundation to understand the core components of IS, and I attribute Greg's content to my success so far. I would recommend Greg's courses to anyone interested in expanding their knowledge of marketing, automation, and connecting with customers.

Andrea Paras

Office Manager, Remedy, LLC

Course Details and Pricing

The IS Starter Kit is designed to carefully progress through a variety of topics designed to establish a baseline level of understanding, and confidence, in using Keap to grow your business.

Whether you hope to become a professional Keap consultant, or you plan to hire out the day-to-day management of your campaigns, this Keap training course will help you understand the system at a new level and position you to get more out of it in the long run.

Great, to-the-point Starter Kit course with some helpful "ninja tricks" sprinkled in.

I'm really happy I bought the course to quickly get comfortable with navigating and beginning to use [Keap].

I feel that I saved myself a lot of time and headache by not spinning my wheels on my own.

Thanks for the high-quality (and entertaining) instruction, Greg!

Jennica Mayfield

Founder, Boscus Digital

Course Agenda

Across over 40 videos, this course highlights key features and addresses common questions to establish the baseline level of confidence that users need to use the Max Classic version of Keap (formerly Infusionsoft).

Here are some nice things people have said:

I am so glad that I found your training videos. Keap is massive and overwhelming and there is absolutely no way that the onboarding could ever even come close to touching on everything, let alone explain it in detail.

I am just watching each video now and taking notes of the “Ah HA!” moments. I’ll later go back to each segment and try and use what I need.

It’s STILL massive and STILL overwhelming, but these little bites at a time help make it manageable.

Thanks, Greg! You and your Monkeypods are the shinizzle!

Rhiannon Connor

COO, American Academy of Medical Management

First off – thanks for posting so much amazing FREE content! I’ve really learned a lot about Keap, Infusionsoft, and marketing in general from all of your YouTube videos. I’ve been a user for just over a year now and honestly, I wish that I would have had access to this course much sooner. I truly believe that there is significant value even if you are a very experienced user.

Thank you!

Tom Keenan

Vice President | Owner, Top Class Installations

I love the short, easy to digest videos. They are very informative and are not filled with fluff. Like a digital desk reference for [the max classic version of Keap]. 🙂

Chuck Sharpsteen

Owner, Whiskey Neat, LLC

If you thought those testimonials were good, wait til you see the course content (which is now free):

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

Well, it’s a basic training course on the Max Classic version of Keap – so you’ll want to be using Max Classic.

If you’re on Pro – then you’ll want this course instead.

And since it’s a foundational training, if you’re already an Keap grandmaster then it’s probably not for you.

But if you ever feel you’re just not as efficient with Keap as you’d like to be, or you’re thinking “I must be missing something”, then this course is for you.

I built it with newer Keap users in mind, but honestly, I know plenty of people who have been using Keap for a while (months or years even) who are still finding this course valuable.

Basically, if you feel like you didn’t start off on the right foot with Keap, then this course can give you the foundation you’re missing.

What topics are covered in this course?

It’s called the IS Starter Kit for a reason, so you should expect it to be fairly basic. I’m going to explain a lot of things that cause people confusion because they get skipped at the beginning of your Keap adoption. But I’m also going to try and shine a light on some less commonly used features that I think people should be using more regularly.

It bounces around, for sure, but you can check out the course agenda here.

Oh, and there may or may not be (but definitely are) some bonus modules too.

What is NOT covered in this course?

Oooh, good one. Well, this course is NOT going to cover the stuff that I have other training courses to dig into; like the campaign builder, the e-commerce section, or the referral partner module.

This course also doesn’t really address the opportunity pipeline part of the application (but I have a blog post that does), or any other third-party tools.

This course has 40 videos – each designed to highlight a different section of the software. I can’t promise they’ll all be new to you, but I can promise you’ll leave this course with a better understanding of what Keap does, and with more ideas for using it in your business.

Why is this course free? What's the catch?

This course has always been pretty inexpensive – because I want it to be accessible, but now it’s available for free, thanks to a partnership with Keap.

It’s not because I’m a nice guy, or lousy at running a business (though that may be true), it’s because Clate and Scott believe the training I’ve produced is valuable, and they want it to be able to help as many people as possible.

So – help yourself. Enjoy.

What is your refund policy?

Trick question – the course is free, so there’s nothing to refund.

You can get started here >>

I have been an educator for over 25 years and have been building online courses since the early 2000's. I've also taken quite a number of Infusionsoft courses, and I can say without a doubt that I have gotten more out of Greg's trainings at Monkeypod in just a few weeks than any other I have taken. A great teacher is one who can give the most important information but also deliver in a clear and effective manner. All the training materials are oriented to give immediate application without extraneous add-on. If you really want to learn how to work with Infusionsoft, take these trainings and follow the clear steps Greg has outlined and you will definitely reap the benefits.

Whitney Lowe

Director, Academy of Clinical Massage

Wow – so far so good! I had the idea that it would be this “little course” – especially because I got it so cheap. But it sure isn’t, it’s really a MAJOR course!!

One of the main differences I see in your course is how much experience you have from working at Keap. What you bring to the table is incredible. I’m so glad I found this course.

Thanks so much for all the training and help. The other thing that I really appreciate is how truly interested you are in automation, and how willing you are to share and help everyone else. Thanks. That’s all for now.

Carol Youmans

Virtual Assistant,

Greg is my automation saviour. His passion and in-depth knowledge of the CRM, together with an incredible sense of humour, makes him the perfect person to calm you down when you are struggling with your CRM. I could not thank him enough for all the times when he saved me and showed me the little tricks that he has mastered over the years with Keap. If you work with Max Classic, Greg is the person to speak to.

Magdalena Oramus

Executive Assistant, Agero Group

Greg is one of the most gifted teachers and presenters I’ve seen, and his ability to make the complex feel simple and accessible is incredible.

Specifically regarding sales and marketing strategy and automation and Keap, he’s in rare air with just a few people on the planet who knows what he knows and can do what he can do. If there was a Heisman for Infusionsoft or Keap gurus, Greg would have one.

Justin MacDonald

Founder, Authority Football

I was fortunate enough to attend a two-day training session, instructed by Greg Jenkins of Monkeypod Marketing. Not only did I walk away with knowledge, but I also walked away with awe and respect for Greg.

I could scarcely believe what an amazing teacher he is. He is truly gifted at what he does.

Yes, I learned the material, but more importantly, Greg made sure that the knowledge “stuck”, providing many examples and having the class attendees do some actual work similar to what they’d be doing in the future.

Jeryl Massini-Ryan

CEO and Founder, Massini-Ryan Services

Mr. Jenkins is clearly an expert in both Keap training and general marketing strategy, but in my opinion his best skill is making these complex subjects easy to process.

I delivered Infusionsoft University with Greg for almost a year, and was impressed time and time again at his ability to help the diverse audiences walk away feeling confident and capable.

Whether you are an expert looking for a new angle or a beginner who wants to learn the right way the first time…Monkeypod and Greg are a path worth exploring

Mychal Edelman

Trusted Advisor Partner Manager, Keap

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