Call me old school, but I like to send a physical thank you card to anyone who buys one of my courses, or joins the OG membership.

(Don’t believe me? Try it.)

But, sometimes the address we use at checkout isn’t the same address where we receive mail, which means occasionally the thank you card is bounced back to me.

Return to Sender

And this doesn’t happen all that often, so in the past I’ve just dealt with it manually.

Normally I just send the recipient a quick email asking if there’s a better address I can use  – but last week I decided to build a simple automated process that handles this for me.

Campaign Structure

The following video breaks down the campaign above.

It reaches out to someone, and invites them to add information to their contact record – in my example it’s their shipping address I’m collecting, but this exact same structure could be used to collect any additional information about your contacts you might need (details about their business, about their goals, or details about them personally).

Check it out:

So, as you saw – this campaign is initiated by applying a note template, and then it reaches out the contact (multiple times if you like) asking them to add information to their contact record.

In my situation it was collecting the shipping address – but this same process could also be used to collect any other information you need, or to confirm information you already have on file, or adapted to let them review and update their email preferences.

If you’re curious about the FAQ campaign process I mentioned in the video – here’s an old video detailing the FAQ campaign set-up.

If you found this useful or have any questions about this process drop a comment below and let me know.