This blog post covers a situation where I quickly set up V1 of an automation and then a Keap user (shout out to Sue) helped highlight an obvious opportunity to improve it using Keap’s dynamic content feature.

Here’s the Context

Keap Academy is hosting a workshop soon (details here), and after registering we offer the choice to join the workshop in real time, or get the same content in a self-paced on-demand type environment.

thank you page screenshot

In either case the registrant will get access to the CB Trilogy course – but for those who choose the self-paced option, their info is added to Keap and their contact is tagged so the automation can create their access and deliver their login credentials via email.

And since I already had that process set up in Keap, all I needed to do was add an entry point and new contacts would join the already functioning fulfillment automation.

Bing, bang, boom – we’re off to the races, right?

Sort of – the mistake I made in this process was that I didn’t modify the email to reflect how the person registered.

I had two entry points coming into the same campaign, but I was treating everyone the same.

keap campaign structure

So if you signed up for the CB Trilogy course directly, you’d get access.

But if you signed up for the self-paced workshop – you’d get the exact same email.

The Problem

This presented a problem, because customers signing up for the on-demand workshop didn’t necessarily know they’d be getting this course – and they may not have even heard of Monkeypod.

This disconnect was causing some confusion.

email inbox edited

I can’t blame Sue one bit – if you didn’t know you were getting a course from some guy named Greg then this first email could definitely seem fishy.

The Solution

Once I thought about it, the answer felt obvious – dynamic content.

Dynamic content is a Keap feature that lets you hide and reveal different parts of an email based on what you know about the recipient.

Like, whether they’re a prospect or a customer.

Email options a or b

(Or whether they registered for the live event, or chose the on-demand option.)

So, I knew I could use dynamic content to adjust the initial access email based on how someone registered:

If you haven’t explored Dynamic Content yet – it’s time.

This is a massively powerful feature with unlimited application.

Here are a few resources to help you get started:

Thanks for reading – if you have any questions drop em in the comments below.