For some people, the Keap email confirmation widget is really straight forward – you add it to a campaign when you want to give a contact the opportunity to confirm their email address.

Infusionsoft Email Confirmation

But for others, it raises all sorts of questions: How does it work? Is it necessary? What if they’ve already confirmed? Why is that weird lock there?

Background Info

Lemme give you a little bit of background info in case these are the types of things you’ve wondered too:

When someone signs up for something from you (like your newsletter, your blog updates, or your Nurture Ebook), Infusionsoft considers that a Single Opt-In, and gives them an email status of Unconfirmed.

As counter-intuitive as it may seem, Unconfirmed is good. It means that you can send them marketing materials.

But, just because an email address was entered into a form doesn’t necessarily mean that the person who entered it is the owner of the inbox.

So, Keap gives us an extra tool to help confirm that our prospects really want our marketing – the Email Confirmation Sequence. When you are building campaigns, 99% of the time you want to use a plain old sequence. It’s powerful and flexible and you can make it do just about anything.

So, you may never have noticed this neglected little guy, hanging out patiently on the tool palette waiting for you to give him a click.

email confirmation

But, when you allow someone to confirm their email address (also known as “double opt-in”), it actually has a few key benefits.

First, it changes their email status from Unconfirmed, to Confirmed.

I told you Unconfirmed was good (and it is), but Confirmed is even better.

It not only means that you have permission to market to this person, but it also means that the email address you have is valid, and the person who owns it has confirmed that yes, they actually want to hear from you.

Better Inbox Placement

The next benefit is that this can literally help with inbox placement. Now, I won’t pretend to be a deliverability expert, but I do know that engagement is good.

And if someone is clicking links (like the confirmation link), then it means it is more likely that your emails will be delivered in the future.

Also, Keap actually uses a set of priority servers to send emails to confirmed email addresses – and these servers experience a marginally higher deliverability percentage.

Anyway, I created a video because a thread developed on this topic in my membership group last week, and rather than write it all out here, I thought I’d just share the video.

This video covers how to use the email confirmation, why to use it, and if you think the built in version is a little rigid, how you can get the same result with a clever little hack.

(Oh, I forgot to mention this in the video – they only have to confirm once. If someone has already confirmed their email address then they’ll just skip over the email confirmation sequence in the future.)


Note: The video above was recorded in the Max Classic version of Keap (formerly known as Infusionsoft), but the Email Confirmation Snippet is also available in the Max and Pro versions of Keap.

Oh, and if you’re going to use the email confirmation process (which you should), you’ll definitely want to watch out for this gotcha.