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Education is my passion, but results are always the goal.

As much as I love watching the light bulb go on for folks, all the education in the world doesn’t do any good unless it’s creating real, meaningful results.

When it comes to using Infusionsoft, the learning curve can definitely be prohibitive. So to help minimize the frustration that comes along with getting the most out of this powerful tool, Monkeypod offers a handful of event options.

If you’re interested in attending an event, or hosting an event, reach out using the form on this page. We’ve got a few packages we’d be happy to tell you about, or we can work together to design a custom solution.

What kind of event do you need?

Small group events allow me to impact a broader audience, while still providing individualized focus.
Partnership events allow me to reach new audiences, and strengthen the global small business community.
Custom events allow us to really roll up our sleeves and dig in deeper together.  Fill out the form above to start some dialogue about the event options.

Greg was my “Professor” at Infusionsoft University – and the experience was both educational and exciting from start to finish. He found a way to make the three-day experience feel like camp, while simultaneously laying the foundation for long-term information retention and comprehension. I walked away from my training with Greg much more knowledgeable on Infusionsoft than when I arrived, but also on marketing strategies and methodologies, in general. As Tony the Tiger would say, “He’s grreeeaaatttt!”

Hilary Johnson

Marketing Manager, KLA Group, LLC

Attend an Event

Monkeypod Marketing periodically hosts small group retreat style events. The retreat is a delicate blend of education, strategic guidance, and structured implementation – ensuring you leave with both meaningful progress and momentum.

Host an Event

Wanna host your own event? That’s cool with me. You bring the people, I’ll bring the Monkeypod funk and flavor.

Here’s a taste of the type of event we could tailor for you.

Custom Event

If you aren’t feeling either of the other two options, perhaps something custom tailored is more your speed. Start with the form on this page to ask about a custom built training or event for your company.

Or, looking for a speaker for your event? I can do that too. Check it.

Greg Jenkins is that rare combination of charisma, character, and supreme competence that makes you feel like you’re the only person that matters to him when he’s talking to you, makes you trust him with your kids at the zoo (true story), and makes you believe that he can solve any problem or do any job in your company. And because he’s the most authentic person I know, all of those things are true.

Greg is one of the most gifted teachers and presenters I’ve seen, and his ability to make the complex feel simple and accessible is incredible. Specifically regarding sales and marketing strategy and automation and Infusionsoft, he’s in rare air with just a few people on the planet who knows what he knows and can do what he can do. If there was a Heisman for Infusionsoft gurus, Greg would have one.

Justin MacDonald

Owner, Authority Football

I’ve got a keen eye for people who are genuine, and that’s why I keep Greg in my inner business circle. Before Greg offers anything, I already know it’s going to be legit, high quality, and valuable. PLUS, genuine attracts genuine, so when he recommends a person or product, I am all ears!

What I especially admire and love about Greg is his honesty, down-to-earth vibe, and sincere caring for my business. As a business owner, I have to stand up to many challenges and obstacles. What a relief it is to know that someone is always on MY SIDE looking out for my best interests! Thank you Greg!!!

Kat Fulton, MM, MT-BC,


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If you’re feeling any of the options on this page, let us know and we’ll see what we can do for you.