Monkeypod Retreat

What could we get done with two days of laser focused productivity?

Thanks for checking out the Monkeypod Mastermind Retreat. This retreat is a focused and creative environment where we will delve into your current business reality, extract priorities, articulate a game plan, and begin executing.

It’s an intricate blend of strategic think-tank style collaboration, and detail oriented technical implementation time.

If you think your business has untapped potential and you’re open to stepping away from the chaos for two-days of focused productivity – well, then you should probably apply.

The Retreat Agenda:


Discuss ideas and obstacles with a round-table of entrepreneurs



Organize and prioritize, turning your list of ideas into an actual plan of attack


Built in time to start making meaningful progress while you’ve got momentum

Do you like growth?

You do? Oh good, you’re in the right place.

The idea to create a retreat came out of my own desire to get away from my business for a weekend, so that I could work on it, instead of in it. I know, we’ve all heard that saying, but even so, I had found myself sucked into Monkeypod – and I was just so focused on making it grow, that I hadn’t really stopped to figure what I was growing toward.

Hear from past attendees:

Justin MacDonald, Founder, Authority Football

Julie Cumming, Director, Hatch Property Group

Nick Sparrow, Operations Manager, Milkhouse

Tyler Chianelli, CEO and Head Trader, Option Trading Coach

Mark Zalewski, Co-Founder, Wild West Pool Supplies

PJ Johnston, Director and Partner,

Eric Sparrow, CEO, Milkhouse Candle Company

Christine Smith, Strategist, Sarah O’Connor Online Coach

Codi Quick, Owner, Quick Business Resolutions

Jen Perdew, Director, NAMS, Inc

I just got back today from the Monkeypod Retreat, and this is a 100% unsolicited review. I would rate this event as follows:

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ (six stars)
👍👍👍 (three thumbs up)
🍅🍅🍅 1000% (the freshest)

I am so pumped about the work we got done and the action items I have now. I got off the plane and went straight back to the office to tell my teammates what I learned, what I accomplished, and what we need to do next. We’re all fired up and planning our own company retreat to follow the same model as the Monkeypod Retreat.

This was WAAAAAYYY better than something like a conference where you learn, take notes, and then go home and try to carve out time to implement some of the ideas. This is collaborative education completely tailored to your business, including time carved out to get started taking the next steps BEFORE you go home.

There were “duh” moments where things I should have known or done were brought to my attention. There were “holy ????” moments where new ideas made me see how our business could freaking explode and destroy our competition, and there was good old Monkeypod education, with Greg guiding me through some marketing software that I was not familiar with. To say it was worth it is the understatement of the millennium.

And I haven’t even mentioned that it was just a blast to hang out with amazing people and make new friends. Also, good food. Also, there may have been a round of Settlers of Catan. ????

If you get a chance, GO.

(Gregory Jenkins, thank you so much, and feel free to use any of the above as a testimonial wherever you want)

Brett Fairbourn

Director of Marketing, CrewTracks

You can finally check _____________ off your list.

If you’ve had something on your to-do list for way to long, then let’s cross it off.
To help you decide if you think this is the type of thing that would really benefit you, your business, and the people you serve – please review the details below, and if you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out.

Where will the retreat be?

The retreats are held in unique locations regionally across the United States and worldwide.

They are held in relatively remote locations (within a few hours of a major airport) that are selected to inspire and facilitate productivity. As you may imagine, it’s of paramount importance that each destination also feature a reliable internet connection. Since these retreats are held quarterly and in various locations, your application and participation can be contingent upon a geographically convenient location.
How much does it cost?

$5000, with discounted rates for a second attendee from the same business. In addition to registering you for the event, this investment also covers your food, beverages, and lodging for the weekend as well.

It does not cover travel expenses; such as airfare or a rental vehicle.

What if I apply and can't attend?

We’ll run these retreats a few times a year. So, if your application is approved and you are unable to attend, I’ll happily reserve your spot in “line” and you’ll be invited to the next retreat. You will not need to reapply. And because the goal is to run these retreats in varying locations, it may actually work out that a future retreat is more convenient for you anyway.

What if I have unique needs?

Apply anyway. Or, just reach out to me and we can chat about it. If you have dietary restrictions, or you need to make sure that you can use the cabin’s hot tub three times-a-day just ask. I’m a pretty reasonable dude, and if I can accommodate, I surely will.

Who will be at the retreat?

Well, I’ll be there, so if nothing else, it’ll be you and me kickin’ it at a cabin in the woods.

But, you can expect there to be 2-3 other businesses represented.

We are creating a small mastermind environment that can collaborate to elevate each other’s businesses. Yes, I’ll be sharing my perspectives with everyone – but I’m more excited about getting a group of like-minded entrepreneurs together to discuss and dissect our common challenges.

If you’d like to coordinate your own retreat for a group that you represent, and are interested in having Monkeypod facilitate, please contact me to discuss.

What is the agenda?

The event will begin with Dinner the firsts evening, and conclude with Breakfast on the final morning.

You can expect the time in between to be divided between collaborative think-tank style conversations, and individual technical implementation time.

We’ll discuss the strengths and weaknesses of your business, the journey your customer takes, and evaluate your marketing processes through the lens of Lifecycle Marketing. Throughout these conversations, we’ll identify opportunities and threats currently facing your business, and we’ll design a priority list for how you can approach these.

Then we’ll also create the space so that you can begin actually seeing progress and results from your list.

You will be afforded the time and space to work on your business – both on your own, but also with the help and one-on-one focus of an Infusionsoft expert. I feel confident saying that you will leave feeling inspired, accomplished and with plenty of momentum.

Who should attend?


Kidding, maybe you, maybe not you.

This is for people who have a business, but know that they should and could be getting more out of it. The retreat is best suited for people who are actively involved in their business, and have the capacity to make decisions to guide their marketing. This could be the founder or owner, or it could be the marketing manager – or, it could be a solopreneur who is all of the above.

It is absolutely critical that you are willing to receive feedback on your business, and to share insights you may have or lessons you’ve learned with the other attendees.

Who should NOT attend?

Jerks. Seriously though, good question. It’s not for everyone. We’re all going to be staying in a cabin – so, you’ve got to be cool with that. Yes, you’ll have your own private bedroom, but it’ll still be a shared environment. This probably isn’t the place to launch a business, so I do insist that you have a business and you’re looking to grow it. Also, I don’t want $4500 to break the bank for you, so if that price point made you cringe, or made you question whether or not this was a good fit; then maybe this isn’t the right time for you to attend. Lastly, if you’re going to attend, you really need to be willing to collaborate. If you just need the time to focus on your business, and you’re not open to networking and thought partnering with other entrepreneurs – there are other places where you can find that type of experience. But for this event to really work, I need everyone who attends to be on the same page.

Interested in Attending?

(And why wouldn’t you be, right?)