As an avid content producer I regularly find myself on the hunt for just the right asset to add the perfect finishing touch to a video – but one thing that regularly evades me is quality royalty free background music.

And because of this challenge, I’ve resorted to reusing the same set of about ten songs I’ve sourced through various channels – which works, but like an all ABBA playlist on a roadtrip, can get tiresome (don’t tell Sara I said that).

Anyway, when I was working on a recent mini series I stumbled onto something I had never seen before.

Did you know YouTube has an Audio Library?

I’ve been an avid YouTube user and content creator for years and I’d never noticed this sneaky little section.

Check it out:

So that’s it – an entire library of high quality royalty free background music at your disposal.

Obviously there are filters you can use to sort through it, and a collection of Sound Effects you can choose from as well.

If you use video in your business the hopefully this resource will help you level up the content you’re producing. Enjoy!