If you were at IKON (or PartnerCon) a few months ago then you might have heard some rumblings about Keap Max.

But if you weren’t, or even if you were, you likely have some questions.

The tl;dr version is this:

  1. New name. Same product. More innovation. (All products are going to continue improving)
  2. Keap is unifying the product, brand, community. (We’re all Keap users)

In this post, and the video below, I’m going to answer as many Keap Max namechange questions as I can.

First up – what is Keap Max?

Simply put – Keap Max, or just Max, will be the new name for Infusionsoft.

Technically it’ll be ‘Max Classic’, more on that in a second.

Two years ago, at the start of 2019, Infusionsoft the company rebranded entirely to Keap (details here), but at the time they decided not to change the name of Infusionsoft, the platform.

So Keap, the company, had two versions of software that they offered: Keap and Infusionsoft.

Keap and Infusionsoft

Since then they’ve evolved a bit and their offerings now look like this:

Keap Grow >> Keap Pro >> Infusionsoft*

keap infusionsoft progression

*for the last year or so, there have been two versions of Infusionsoft – the original, which looks like this:

Keap Max Classic UI

And a version with a more modern interface, which looks like this:

Keap Max UI

Most users don’t know that, because – well, because most people only use the version that they use.

The vision behind this product line-up was to create versions of Keap that serve entrepreneurs at every business stage and sophistication level.

Businesses can start with the lighter version, and more graduate onto the more robust versions as their needs evolve.

Why change Infusionsoft’s name?

Three reasons:

  1. Unifying the products
  2. Unifying the Keap brand
  3. Unifying the Keap family

Changing Infusionsoft’s name creates a clearer cohesion within the family of products that Keap offers.

Instead of Keap Grow, Keap Pro, and Infusionsoft, it’ll be Keap Grow, Keap Pro, and Keap Max.

Or, Grow, Pro and Max (which is more likely how we’ll refer to them).

As much as I love the Infusionsoft platform, the reality is that a name is just a name; and for new users signing up I can totally see why they’d want to create more obvious alignment between their offerings.

And I want to underscore bullet three on the list of reasons above – they’re working hard to strengthen the sense of community that our user base has always been known for.

So, Infusionsoft is now Keap Max, that’s it?

Sort of. There’s one more twist.

Remember how I said earlier there are technically two versions of Infusionsoft?

There’s Infusionsoft, the timeless beloved product that most of us know and love; and then there’s also a version of Infusionsoft with an updated interface and slightly different feature set known as “Infusionsoft on the Keap Experience”.

In fact, if you contact support you can have them enable a toggle that allows you to switch between the two interfaces:

Keap Max UI Toggle

The one known as “Infusionsoft on the Keap Experience” is going to be called Keap Max, or just “Max”.

And the original version of Infusionsoft is going to be known as Keap Max Classic, or simply “Max Classic”.

Support, development, and updates on both will continue as we’ve been experiencing, but their names will be changed to create a more obvious family of products.

What is the difference between Keap Max and Keap Max Classic?

The two platforms have plenty of similarities, but each also have several features that are not available on the other.

Keap Max Classic is this one:

Keap Max Classic UI

Keap Max is this one:

Keap Max UI

Here are the key feature differences between Max and Max Classic:

Keap Max Feature Chart

You can find more detail on these similarities and differences in the Keap help article here.

Update: Max has received a few updates since the article I linked to was published, and it now does have goal types for Product Purchase and Lead Score Achieved. Thanks to Scott Martineau who offered some clarifying details in the comments below.

It’s also worth noting that as the products continue to evolve the current discrepancies will change (for example, I hear native text messaging is coming to the campaign builder soon).

native sms

How does this affect me?

Depending on who you are, it might not really matter to you much at all.

Neither the software nor the improvements to them we’ve been enjoying are changing – this is just a new name.

If you’ve been an Infusionsoft user, then you’ll switch to saying “I’m a Keap user”.

And if you need to clarify the version you’re using, we’ll say “I use Max” or “I use Max Classic”.

If you’re a Keap Partner then this might mean updating your website, or your various offerings so that you’re promoting Max and Max Classic services – rather than Infusionsoft.

This kind of change probably matters most to content producers who have a body of content that are using the term “Infusionsoft”.

For folks like us we’ll have to do some serious work revising our content strategy, and updating what we can (blog posts, videos, courses) to make sure things are kept as relevant as possible.

But for everyday purposes – this is just a new name.

Same product, new name, more innovation.

Should I be alarmed by the word “Classic”?


I mean, it’s a fair question. I can’t blame you for asking.

But no – you can have confidence that they are committed and innovating on all products, including Max Classic.

If you feel term “classic” sounds a little unsettling, you’re not alone. I asked about that too.

The answer I was given is that we should think of it less like “Classic cars” and more like “Classic Coke”.

In other words, a timeless favorite rather than a discontinued model.

And if you’re still skeptical – trust me, I get it. Here’s what Clate Mask, CEO and co-founder, had to say:

Over the past year we’ve worked hard to reduce bugs, add new features, make deliverability improvements, and organize the company to better serve Infusionsoft users. We will continue to show our commitment every week with continued innovation in the product you and I love.

Clate Mask

Keap CEO and Co-Founder, Keap

If you have questions, ask them – the best thing we can do as a user base is let them know what we’re worried about, so they can respond directly to our concerns.

When is this change taking place?

Word on the street is that the new name(s) will go into effect in February. I’m sure there will be a handful of more formal announcements as this process unfolds.

The goal of this post was just to put it on the radar so we all knew it was coming, and can think through any relevant considerations.

Anything else?

One more thing – Keap Grow is being renamed to Keap Lite.

The product progression now looks like this:

good better best current

But again, we’ll probably refer to them more familiarly – as Lite, Pro, Max, and Max Classic.

My Two Cents

As always, they don’t need my permission to do anything – so the following is just my personal opinion. But hey, this happens to be my blog, so here we go:

“Keap Max Classic” wouldn’t be my first choice for a new name, but I do think that renaming Infusionsoft is the right thing to do.

That isn’t easy for me to say.

I am or was an Infusionsoft employee, shareholder, user, and partner.

The company and the software have changed my life – and I, like many others, have a fair amount of emotional capital invested in the name “Infusionsoft”.

But the truth is that I’ve noticed a divide in the ecosystem ever since the rebrand. It has felt like the community fractured into two groups – those on Infusionsoft, and those using Keap.

And at the end of the day our goals are the same – serve more customers by designing systems that employ automation to grow our businesses .

This name change is intended to help unify the community, and that’s a goal I’m fully behind.

Video Summary

I recorded a quick video to try and clarify the new names and various versions. Enjoy:

More FAQs

Will the login process change?

When Infusionsoft becomes Keap Max and Keap Max Classic, I suspect they will change the logo in all the places it appears (in the app, the log-in screen, etc). But that’s just a visual change – users will log in using their current username and password like normal.

Will the name change affect existing APIs?

There is no expected disruption to any existing APIs. They’ll be unchanged.

If you notice difficulty or inconsistencies with your API connections then report that as quickly as you can – but there are no anticipated adverse effects.

Where can I read more about this?

Here’s an article from the Keap Help center discussing Keap Max, and answering some additional questions.

Informed Marketing Solutions Summary

Here’s another announcement video from a friend of mine, Jillian Kendrick. Jillian and her team support Keap users through their services at Informed Marketing Solutions.