You may have heard the rumors that Infusionsoft is changing their name, and yes, it’s true – it’s finally out the in open.

What’s Infusionsoft’s new name? (drumroll please….)

Infusionsoft’s new name is Keap

The company is rebranding and the new name will be Keap. Here’s the official news from the mothership.

Here’s a peek at the new logo:

Need training on Keap?

Introducing the The Keap Starter Kit – a foundational course covering both technical and strategic concepts for Keap users. This course is designed to cover all the things you didn’t know you needed to know. Check it out here.

Let me see if I can answer some of the most natural questions that this announcement might raise.

Okay, so why rebrand?

The official company statement is that Keap represents the very essence of the grit and passion small businesses put in each day to keep going, keep serving and keep growing.

After being Infusionsoft for 17 years, they felt it was time to change their name to better reflect their mission to help millions of small businesses succeed.

How does this affect me?

It may not affect you at all.

The first thing I want to be clear about is that the existing Infusionsoft software that most of us know and love is still going to be called Infusionsoft.

Over the last year or so, since the introduction of “New” Infusionsoft there has been some confusion in the Infusionsoft ecosystem around the two platforms, which was which, and what the key differences were.

Take a look at this image – which side looks more like your account?

If your dashboard looks like the one on the left, then you’ve been using “New Infusionsoft”.

If your dashboard looks like the one on the right, then you’ve been using “Classic Infusionsoft” (also known as “Pro”).

But, what names are actually changing?

New Infusionsoft is rebranding to “Keap”.

Classic Infusionsoft is simply changing to to “Infusionsoft by Keap”.

So the company, now called Keap, will have two products:

  1. Keap
  2. Infusionsoft by Keap

Clear as mud? Good.

Lemme see if this graphic clarifies:

What does this mean for existing users?

For Keap Customers (formerly New Infusionsoft):

  • You’ll see a whole new look with new colors. Your current application will be refreshed with its new name, Keap, along with the colors inside the application.
  • Your monthly invoice will now come from Keap, the company.

For Infusionsoft by Keap Customers (formerly Classic Infusionsoft):

  • You’ll see a new Infusionsoft by Keap logo inside (the branding center). You can continue to use the product as you have been, with no interruptions to your business.
  • Your monthly invoice will now come from Keap, the company.

Perhaps the most exciting thing I’ve read with regards to the rebrand is this statement from co-founder Scott Martineau, where he owns some of the missteps over the recent past and commits to renewed focus on the existing software moving forward. (Source)

More FAQs

Was Infusionsoft purchased?

Nope. It’s a fair question though, I’ve heard this one a few times. Infusionsoft decided to change to Keap because they hope it better represents who they are and what they do for small business.

Is that a typo? Why "Keap" and not "Keep"?

Another good question – the simple answer is that going with “Keap” made it more unique. It means it stands out more easily, and gives them the ability to trademark it, and claim unique domains and social handles.

Also, come on – weird spellings are all the rage (Lyft, Netflix, Reddit, etc).

Do you offer a course on Keap?

I’ve partnered with Brian Keith of Red Beard Consulting to launch a course on Keap, The Keap Starter Kit.

It’s a foundational course – covering both strategic and technical concepts to help Keap users understand and maximize the way they use the Keap platform.

If you know anyone who this course might benefit then check out the Keap Starter Kit Affiliate program here.

Will the login screen change?

When Infusionsoft becomes Keap, they will change the log-in screen. But don’t worry, customers can use their current username and password and they will be placed into the right product.

How will the name change affect existing APIs?

All APIs will be unchanged.

If you notice difficulty or inconsistencies with your API connections then report that as quickly as you can – but there are no anticipated adverse effects.

Branding and Logos

Keap, formerly Infusionsoft, worked closely with Pentagram to develop the new brand identity. The details of the project are here, but this is a quick summary:
“Built into the geometry of the wordmark is a hidden arrow, an apt symbol for what Keap does. The identity is part of a comprehensive system that includes brand architecture, messaging and tone of voice, typography, color, graphic language, motion, photo and video art direction, and environmental graphics.”

My two cents:

Let me start by saying that Infusionsoft doesn’t need my permission to do anything – obviously. So the following is literally just one guy’s opinion on the matter:

Honestly, I was kind of taken aback when I first heard that Infusionsoft was changing their name. I was frustrated, annoyed even – I felt like there’s so much that the product itself needs and the name is just, well, it’s just a name.

But hearing Clate and Scott talk openly with the Infusionsoft Partner community about the rebrand helped me change my perspective.

They talked about the renewed focus on the products they have, how the new name marks a new chapter in the ways they can serve the small business community – and they shared how the meaning behind the new name is rooted in the early, and challenging days of their own entrepreneurial story.

The truth is that while Infusionsoft, the software and the company, has had a huge influence on my life and on me as a person – the core values that resonated so clearly with me when I was first hired are still guiding the organization today, just under a different brand name.

Oh, and I’m really excited that the two platforms will have different names. I think clearly differentiating the two versions of the software will help users find the answers, support, and resources they need more easily.

Interview with CEO Clate Mask

Promo Video: Quiet the Doubters with Keap

The new website, is now launched and live – and I’m particular impressed by this powerful promo video.

 Here’s what people are saying about the name change:


When I think about small business, I think of the family that depends on that business making it. It can be difficult and, often, downright painful to weather the daily struggles.

While our purpose to help them succeed has been empowered by the Infusionsoft product, many small businesses simply aren’t ready for it. But, no more.

Keap is meeting these amazing people where they are and making success more accessible to them, and the families and communities that depend on them. We are changing lives in very meaningful ways – and that’s the most exciting thing about what we’re up to at Keap!

Matt Vosburgh

Senior Partner Trainer, Keap (formerly Infusionsoft)

What I’m most excited about with the name change how Infusionsoft can (finally) start to differentiate their 2 products.

Infusionsoft by Keap is a time-tested and battle proven powerful tool for small businesses that are ready and need that level of power. For those business just getting started on their automation journey, Keap is a powerful tool to get them a lot of the same benefits they’d get with Infusionsoft – without the headache and hassle involved in a complex custom setup process.

Keap will do for small businesses going down the automation path what MailChimp has done for small businesses looking to add email marketing.

Jordan Hatch

Founder, Infusionsoft Partner, Fullstack Marketing

The new brand name helps emphasize the importance of small business owners and what we want to help them do: keeping it all together.

As many small business owners can empathize, it’s difficult keeping all the plates spinning and that’s where we want to help ease that burden.

Andrea Kitchen

Senior Product Manager, Keap (formerly Infusionsoft)

It’s a new name, which is cool, and probably really meaningful to some folks – but what I want is a renewed focus on making the product, both products, world class.

Name changes notwithstanding I’m going to keap helping my customers make the most out of automation

Mallory Balnis

Founder, Infusionsoft Partner, Plum Crazy Automation

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