First off, let me say, “HOLY COW!” Or, in Wisconsin, we might say “HOLY HOLSTEIN!”

As a first-timer, brand new, totally fresh newbie, the Tribe Live 2020 experience was incredible, to say the least.  My head is still buzzing with ideas and inspiration, so while it’s fresh I wanted to take a beat to share my favorite takeaways with Greg’s own beloved Tribe– his Monkeypod subscribers. 🙂

Since I want to get right to the meat, I’ll skip the drawn out explanations and let you read more about Stu and what exactly Tribe is by reading Greg’s Monkeypod Success Path Blog Post.  You’re welcome.

(Oh, and I’ll comment on what it was like attending my first large-scale, 3000+ attendee, ALL VIRTUAL event at the end if you’re interested! Spoiler: Twas awesome)

A man looking at computer screens

So, here’s takeaway numero uno:

No one really knows EXACTLY what they’re doing!

Okay, okay, hear me out… Sure there are experts and gurus on every block, but the authentic ones will tell you honestly that they succeeded because they took chances on themselves, and their businesses, even when they weren’t sure.

Stu McLaren, his presenters (Amy Porterfield, Ryan Levesque, Pedro Adao, etc), and pretty much every attendee at the virtual conference were hungry and ambitious entrepreneurs, and boy could you FEEL the energy. We’re talking radiant, palpable, entrepreneurial fire.

Stu and Amy video conferencing screenshot

But even entrepreneurs, or perhaps especially entrepreneurs, experience self-doubt and fear.  Not that it’s fun to hear people say that they stumbled, but it certainly was humbling and reassuring to know that successful people have felt doubt too, and likely still do from time to time.  Heck, we’re all just people doing the best that we can.

If you’ve ever heard the saying “we all put our pants on one leg at a time,” so it goes for successful people with fancy pants, too.

Takeaway numero dos:

Niching is KEY.

It’s not difficult to understand that we are drawn to people with whom we identify.  But apply that concept to things that people often get frustrated about – marketing efforts, job hunting, even friendships – and you’ll find that your niche is your Tribe.

In this particular case, entrepreneur attendees across the globe were having “aha!” moments when they realized that, while they couldn’t attract and please everyone, they COULD serve their unique Tribe, and do it well.

My quick homework item for you is to spend some time spelling out exactly who you serve and then to do the exact same thing for who you don’t serve.

This might feel obvious, but taking the time to call out the people we’re not the best fit for will help us proactively avoid projects that zap our energy, or bleed our time.

That’s a great segue into takeaway numero tres:

Tell your story.

I can’t tell you the amount of times I saw Zoom Room comments and Facebook Group posts that said “I’m scared to go live on social media and tell my story..” Every time, the other bajillion people swooped in to say “Hey, you’re doing great! Tell US your story because we care!” Why? Because people who identify with your story will be drawn to it, and also, we were in a safe space of fellow entrepreneurs and learners. A tribe.

The moral of the story is that once you find your niche, you’ll have nothing to fear when it comes to sharing your story.  Tribe proved that time and time again.

Here’s an example of why telling your story is so important, especially as it relates to your niche.  What if you walked up to a stranger on the street and said “I just had a delicious taco for lunch!” They’d probably look at you like you’re insane, right? (Also, who eats just one taco?) Ok, but what if you walked into the Taco Enthusiasts Club and said the same thing? They’d probably jump with joy and ask about every delectable ingredient!

Side note, I love tacos.

But that’s actually the point – your tribe will want your story. It’s like initiating a secret handshake that they didn’t realize they already knew.

Suffice to say it was an exciting and engaging conference, even though it was held entirely online.  Greg and I have talked extensively about how we applaud Stu and his team for providing and maintaining an intimate and personal experience for their members and attendees, despite the size of their organization or the forced-to-be-online conference.

Greg said I could* share this quote of his “Tribe Live 2020 raised the bar for virtual conferences. It changed my opinion about what was possible with an online event.”

*he made me

Of course, the content was valuable – but the entire event experience was curated, deliberate, and impressive too. (Did I mention the swag boxes?)

Tribe Live 2020 Swag Box

You might even say that MORE relationships and experiences were cultivated due to the Zoom Chat chatter and the global, yet right at home attendance.  I certainly walked away from Tribe Live 2020 with dozens and dozens of more people in my own Tribe, and a new membership of my own to serve (designed and launched in real time during the conference).

Please feel free to reach out to Greg or myself, or the Grove if you’re a super-duper OG Member, if you’re interested in Stu McLaren’s Tribe Course or even the membership model in general.

We got you.