Well well well, we’re back again with some more funky fresh features. In case you missed it, I profiled a handful of features the other day (catch up here). And without further ado, here are the remaining features that were announced at PartnerCon 2016.

Buckle up sports fans, Infusionsoft isn’t messing around with these bad boys:

Feature: WordPress Plugin
Why it matters: I don’t think I need to tell you guys what WordPress is, but I will tell you that this is a PROPER WordPress plugin. Infusionsoft is developing a totally free Plugin that will automatically map web activity data back to Infusionsoft and either create a visitor record or attach it to a contact record. But you guys, that’s not even the half of it – this plugin will also allow you to add webforms to your existing wordpress site, and not just embedded ones, but pop-ups and slide-overs too. Can you say “FINALLY”? Oh man, this is going to make life so much easier for so many people. I’m really optimistic that this will completely replace Rapidology in my tool suite.

Oh, and it will support multiple languages. I wrote down Spanish, Hebrew, French and German; but I imagine it’ll be open source and will add additional language support.
When: I didn’t hear a release date on this plugin.

Feature: New Page View Goal Method
Why it matters: Lemme see if I can explain this succinctly: Infusionsoft is going to give us a brand new goal method which will enable us to trigger (or stop) automation when a contact visits a page on your website. My understanding is that it’ll work based off of cookies. So if someone clicks a link in any of your Infusionsoft emails, it’ll cookie them. Then, you can designate specific pages on your website, and if a cookied contact visits that page it would achieve a goal.

I can see this being really, really useful for a number of scenarios. For example, if you know that a contact is active in your nurture funnel, but they visit an order form or a sales page, you could trigger a task for a sales rep to call them (or a simple email follow up asking if they have any questions). It’s basically like a link click goal, but they don’t have to click from an email, they could just show up on your website and browse their way around. There are countless applications, I’d love to hear ideas for how you might use it.
Caveat: I imagine this would not be able to work someone clears their cookies, or uses a different browser or device.
December Release

Feature: Crosstabbing Support
Why it matters: This one is less of a feature, and more of a fix. Lots of people don’t know this, but there has been a bug with Infusionsoft for a long time, and basically it meant that if you had multiple tabs open, and you were running actions, sometimes it would cause unpredictable results. For example, I saw a customer create an order on a contact record, but because they had multiple contact records open it ended up creating an order for each open record. Another time I remember seeing a contact delete one campaign, but because they had their list of campaigns open in another tab, well, yeah, it deleted all their campaigns.

Basically working with multiple tabs was not reliable, and Infusionsoft tried to be as clear as possible that this was a bad idea; but because this was such an obscure issue, well, lots of people still don’t know about it.
When: December Release

Feature: Scheduling in the Recipients Time Zone
Why it matters: This feature is one that I know a lot of users have requested, dreamt about, or more recently, speculated about. Recently Infusionsoft started capturing a contacts Time Zone, based on their IP when the submit a form, landing page, or place an order. This is really useful information, and it can help you in a number of ways, like when you’re reaching out to a prospect, or scheduling with a customer of yours.

Right now if you schedule an email, you’re scheduling it at a single specific time. And the email goes to everyone at that particular time. So if you are based in Los Angeles, and you schedule an email at 8:00 am, that email is going to go out at 8:00 am Pacific US Time. But 8:00 am in LA is naturally 11:00 am in NYC, 4:00 pm on London, 7:00 pm in Dubai, 11:00 pm in Perth, and 2:00 am in Sydney. So, for most of those time zones, it’s not exactly ideal.

Well, now you’re going to be able to schedule automation in the recipient’s time zone. So if you schedule an email at 8:00 am, it’s going to be delivered at 8:00 am LOCAL time for each person. That’s huge. We live in an increasingly global economy. And this is a big step in the right direction.
Caveat: Because the time zone is automatically determined by the IP when someone submits a form, there is a margin for error here too. If I fill out a form while I’m on vacation in Sri Lanka, it’s going to think that’s my time zone, etc.
When: Broadcasts in November, and Campaigns in December.

Okay, that’s it for the highlights from PartnerCon. I’m thrilled, honestly. There are so many exciting features on the horizon, and many of them are things we’ve been yearning for, but there are a few nice surprises mixed in as well. Kudos to the Infusionsoft product teams behind all this hard work. Keep up the great work!