I was delivering a short presentation for a User Group in the UK today and they asked me if I have any plugins that I like to recommend.

And I realized that I’ve sort of been avoiding plug-ins. Not entirely of course, I’m not crazy. But yeah, a little bit.

You see, when I was working at Keap (back when it was called Infusionsoft), I became an expert in the Keap software. Duh. And as such, I made extra efforts to solve as many problems as possible while using the native functionality of Keap.

It’s not because I don’t like the plugins that are out there, I do. Many of them are absolutely critical.

It’s more because I encountered so many different Keap users who had been sold on the “all-in-one” dream, only to realize that for their particular scenario they also needed these three plugins, and each was an additional $100/month.

So, when I started Monkeypod I sort of subconsciously made the decision not to use a million fancy tools. If I’m going to dedicate myself to explaining things, and breaking down complex subjects, then it stands to reason that I should introduce as few variables into that equation as possible.

For example, a good friend of mine started Go Spiffy, which makes super sexy mobile responsive order forms. And it took me years to start using it because I want people who hit my order forms to know that they can do it too. Maybe I’m naive in thinking this matters to people, that’s possible too.

However, all that being said, I do have some select tools that I use to either extend or improve the power that Keap offers. I’ve actually been compiling a short list of those resources on this page.

Rapidology_Logo_ClearSo, when they asked me if I had any tools that I was currently geeking out on, I realized yes. I do. There’s a free WordPress Plugin called Rapidology. I use it myself, and I recommend it regularly. It allows you to create lead capture forms for your site. They can be embedded in the page, or they can slide over, or pop-up when someone visits your web site. They have 100s of templates and are easy to customize, and easy to integrate with Infusionsoft.

Here’s some truth for ya: The current web form builder works just fine, but it’s just not super clean. You can make it work, and if you know how to code you can really make it sing; but your average business owner or Keap user doesn’t have the time or energy to mess with all of that.

So. I use Rapidology. Yes, you can use JotForm, TypeForm, LeadPages (LeadBoxes), Gravity Forms, Bloom or any number of other options. But Rapidology is the one I’ve used, and if you use WordPress, and are looking for a free tool that might dramatically improve the look and performance of your forms, well, check it out.

Caveat: Rapidology only allows you capture email, and name. It does not have a thank you page feature, instead if just displays a success message. It adds contacts to Infusionsoft through the API, and then can tag them; but that’s basically it.
Would love to hear what go-to tools are in your arsenal. Lemme know in the comments below.

Here’s a 21 minute video covering the entire installation and integration process:

Oh, and if your enjoy plugins and resources like this, then check out my Monkeypod Toolbox ebook for a complete list of tools that have earned my trust: