Here’s a presentation I delivered for the San Diego User Group a few weeks back, I wanted to share it here in case any of the tools I mention are able to save you time, or simplify your life at all. (Special shout out to Shoan for thinking to set up a camera and record this!) The video is roughly an hour long, so feel free to use the time stamps below the video to jump to the parts that you’re most curious about.

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(Note: I would never recommend something I didn’t endorse just to earn a commission, but a few of these products have partner programs, and so I’ve used affiliate links below for a handful of these recommendations; if you decide to sign up I may earn a commission. So, thanks.)

00:05:40 PureChat – LiveChat for your Website
00:13:10 Wistia – Video Hosting
00:19:45 Pixlr – Free Online PhotoShop
00:25:00 PlusThis – Infusionsoft Add-On
00:33:10 Video Tracking Campaign Breakdown
00:42:20 WordPress Plugins (Yoast, OneSignal Push, Rapidology, SumoMe, WPSmush, etc)
00:55:20 Zapier – Automated recipes for everything
00:59:15 Aussie Zap Breakdown
01:00:25 PureChat Zap Breakdown
01:00:45 Split Test Zap Breakdown
01:02:30 Social Media Zaps Breakdown (Everyone can and should do this)
01:11:12 Infusionsoft Mobile App
01:12:05 SyncSumo/Sync2CRM – Facebook Audience sync Tools
01:13:38 Spiffy Order Forms – Infusionsoft Order form wrapper
01:14:30 Royalty Free Images – Royalty Free Music
01:16:30 Social Sharing Link Generator

If you like tools and are into this sort of thing, here are a few additional resources for you to take a look at.

Hope you found this valuable, and if you want to share your own favorite tools, please comment below!

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