If you are a consultant, a coach, personal trainer, or anyone who works with clients over a period of time – then you probably sell some version of “sessions”.

And your clients redeem those sessions as they use them, right? If that’s the case, then it begs a very natural question…

How do I track client sessions inside Keap?

You likely will want to keep track of how many sessions a client has paid for, and how many they’ve used – and there are a variety of ways to tackle this one, but I wanna profile one solution using Keap’s native tools.

The basic idea is to create a custom field (whole number type) and then add to it when they pay for more sessions, and subtract from it as they redeem their sessions.

And yes, you can do it automatically – let’s get into the demo:

So, that covers it – the steps are basically as follows:

  1. Create the custom field (whole number type)
  2. Increment the field when they buy (automatically)
  3. Decrement the field when they use their sessions (automatically)

You can add/subtract using the native “field math” feature that is available inside the Set Field Value widget.

This type of tracking opens up a whole bunch of possibility – it would conceivably let you automatically remind people who are running out of sessions, and give you better insight and tracking for folks who have used more sessions than they should have.

If you have your own ideas or use cases for how this could be valuable, please drop them in the comments below.