This is what it takes to launch an evergreen webinar – mine happens to be integrated with Infusionsoft, but you could use the CRM and follow-up platform of your choice.

Just for funsies we attempted tackle everything on this launch list in a marathon day, here’s the entire livestream and link to the final product.

✅ Step 1: Prep The Content

The biggest hurdle for launching a webinar is figuring out what you’re going to say; for this project I’m going to use an updated version of a presentation I did about a year ago.

✅ Step 2: Record the Content

The benefit of an evergreen webinar is the content can be prepared in advance – this means you can rehearse, it also means you can record in smaller chunks – which allows you to follow an outline, and stay focused on individual sections of the webinar.

✅ Step 3: Edit the Video

Because you’re preparing the webinar in advance, that means you can edit the video to add effects, and remove segments that are distracting or confusing.

✅ Step 4: Set-up the Webinar

You’ll want to choose a webinar platform – Demio is my tool of choice. Use whatever you like, just make sure that the platform you choose integrates with your CRM.

✅ Step 5: Create the Registration Page

Demio actually has native registration pages – but my preference is to build my own using LeadPages, and then integrate it with Demio by using the registration box embed code that Demio supplies.

✅ Step 6: Build the Post-Webinar Page

After the webinar finishes you’ll want to have a page to send people to with the recommended next action steps, an offer of some sort, or a recap of the material covered on the webinar.

✅ Step 7: Connect the Webinar to your CRM

Technically you could just launch your webinar as is, but integrating it with your CRM (Infusionsoft in my case) allows you to track whether or not people attended, and segment your database based on their behavior and engagement.

✅ Step 8: Build a Webinar Campaign

Once it’s integrated with Infusionsoft you can build a campaign to invite people to the webinar, follow up with people afterward, or encourage folks who miss the webinar to re-register for another one.

Here’s a campaign structure I’ve had success with.

✅ Step 9: Test the Webinar

Before you put people through the webinar, or the campaign, test them both. You want to make sure that the technical components are working, the integrations are stable, and that the experience reflects what you set out to create.

✅ Step 10: Create a Traffic Strategy

Once your webinar is configured you’ve done most of the heavy lifting you can tell the world about it – but you’ll also want an ongoing plan for traffic in order to maximize the mileage you get out of your work. For my, my plan is to integrate this into my existing nurture process, add registration buttons to some of my complementary content, and run some low dollar Facebook ads to drive direct registrations.

We wanted to see if we could to tackle everything on this list (except the content planning) and launch an evergreen webinar in a single marathon-style day.

We’re done now, but if you want to check out the recap, summary, or the webinar we built – here ya go.