Okay all, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these, but Infusionsoft has been sneaking slick little features into the app, and I wanted to take a moment to recap a few of my favs. Enjoy:

1. New Items Notifications: In the lower right hand corner of your app, you may have noticed a new little icon. Go head and click it if you like good news.

2. Add a Campaign AND Categorize it: Infusionsoft rolled out the ability to add a category to our campaigns AS we are adding them. This isn’t a huge change, but it will help with general housekeeping and best practices. (Also, this was on my IS wishlist a while back, thanks guys!)

3. Signature Flexibility: Legacy signatures were flexible, but they were also hard to create. The new signatures were easy to create, but rigid. Well, they’ve made a change and now you can edit/update your signature from any email where you’re formatting it. No need to leave the email builder and go to your user record to make these changes.

4. Decision Diamond Testing: This one is huge. Decision Diamonds are kind of my Achilles heel when it comes to IS, once I get more than one rule going I struggle to wrap my head around the logic. Anyway, they’ve added a testing feature to make sorting your decision diamonds much easier.

5. Improved Reporting (Coming Soon): Reporting, and specifically campaign reporting, has been a pain point in Infusionsoft for a long time, which has led to work-arounds and third party solutions. Well, they’re finally giving the reporting an overhaul and I’m pretty excited about the shape it’s taking.

Here are a few screenshots I got permission to “leak”:

reporting 2 Reporting 3
Reporting 4 Reporting 5

Click to open any of the images

6. New Landing Page Builder (Coming Soon): They announced this at ICON earlier this year, and my initial reaction to what they unveiled was…lackluster. But here we are X months later, and it’s come a long ways.

Here’s a screenshot of a page built using the new builder:
New LP Builder

Well, that’s it for my new feature round-up. Big props to the Infusionsoft product teams behind each of these updates, thanks for your continued focus on fixing existing issues and adding new functionality!

So, which of these are you most excited about? Anything else you’ve seen recently that I didn’t highlight?