When WebinarJam first came out I was using it for a handful of projects, and wrote this blog post covering the process for configuring your webinar and integrating with Keap (which was called Infusionsoft at the time).

But then I moved onto Demio for my webinars, and eventually onto Zoom (here’s a guide for connecting Zoom and Keap) – and the information in my blog post got a little stale. I was no longer using WebinarJam, so I couldn’t keep the post updated.

Fast forward to today – thanks to Nathan Householder from SuccessEngine, we’ve got a brand new update for how you can automatically register your Keap contacts into your webinars hosted with WebinarJam.

There are a few reasons you might want this – but the main one is that if you already have someone’s info, then requiring them to enter it again into another system is never ideal.

In this video Nathan will walk you through the steps to follow to create an HTTP post that automatically registers contacts for your WebinarJam webinars:

So, that covers it – this process might a little technical but if you follow the steps in the video it should give you a reliable way to improve your customer’s experience when registering for your webinars.

Huge appreciation to Nathan Householder, from SuccessEngine, who found my old blog post, realized it was outdated, and took the time to record this video so that I could publish an updated method for Keap users that depend on WebinarJam.